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Lee Min Ho Complete Fact 2016

Lee Min Ho Complete Fact 2016

In this occasion I will give you the facts about the actor named Lee min ho, okay just following are facts lee min ho complete.

Lee Min Ho Fact
1.Lee Min Ho was born on June 22, 19872.Lee Min Ho was born in Seoul, South Korea3.Lee Min Ho is a CancerLee Min Ho's agency 4.Tinggi 187 cmLee Min Ho 5.Berat weight 71 kgBlood 6.Golongan Lee Min Ho is A7.Lee Min Ho has a sister8.Cita - ideals Lee Min Ho as a child was to become a footballer9.Tapi injury in 5 th grade end the dream of Lee Min HoLee Min Ho 10.Pemain favorite is Cristiano RonaldoLee Min Ho 11.Julukan time SD "The black faces" because of his dark skin12.Waktu SMP "The Bone" because it is very thin13.Waktu SMA "Devil" because the very jail14.Hobi Lee Min Ho is watching movies, sports, gaming, play ball15.Makanan favorite Lee Min Ho is all kinds of meat, especially beef16.Jenis Lee Min Ho's favorite music is pop and ballads17.Lee Min Ho likes to read newspapers18.Lee Min Ho first learn Hangul (Korean letters) of the ad colorful writings in newspapers19.Lee Min Ho also like to comment on the news in the newspapers while still SD20.Lee Min Ho childhood classified as child-efficient21.Lee Min Ho always set aside a monthly allowance of 100 thousand Won (approximately 800 thousand rupiah) for savings22.Lee Min Ho pertained intelligent pupil23.Nilai mathematics Lee Min Ho consistently above 9024.Nilai sport Lee Min Ho also always got an A25.Lee Min Ho has an optimistic personality26.Jika told to choose and make priorities, first Lee Min Ho will choose his new friendship and loveThe first 27.Cinta Lee Min Ho was at the age of 20 years with a college friend28.Kebiasaan Lee Min Ho is like talking while sleeping29.Lee Min Ho is a smoker, but not a heavy smoker30.Lee Min Ho is not strong drink. Lee Min Ho drinking limit is 2 cups31.Saat filming, Lee Min Ho prefer to sleep than to eat32.Lee Min Ho like snacking33.Lee Min Ho could not swim34.Lee Min Ho Like with dogs35.Saat birthday to-22, Lee Min Ho get fancy rewards in the form of a laptop from fans36.Pada month of July 2012, Lee Min Ho was elected as the celebrity most interesting man in TV commercials for cosmetics brand37.Lee Min Ho including Koreans were allowed to opt in or conscription, because Lee Min Ho was the only son in his family38.Karena according to the regulations, every boy in Korea should follow the draft unless he was a boy the only one in the family39.Lee Min Ho including Korean celebrities who are very active in cyberspace40.Lee Min Ho debuted as an actor through the drama "Sharp" in 200341.Nama Lee Min Ho explode when Lee Min Ho become Lead Male in the drama "Boys Over Flowers" in 2009, Lee Min Ho played the Gu Jun Pyo42.Gu Jun Pyo is the leader of F4 and heir Group Shinhwa, the most powerful company in the country43.Lawan play Lee Min Ho in drama Boys Over Flowers is Goo Hye Sun44.Sebelum filming Boys Before Flowers, Lee Min Ho perming her hair up to five times to get the hair style of Goo Jun Pyo45.Sebenarnya Lee Min Ho did not like the hair style as it was or how to dress F4 which he overly formal46.Pendapat Lee Min Ho Hye Sun "The first time I saw Hye Sun, I could see that she was a woman who beraura, he as optimistic woman who has high confidence, I think eventually I was comfortable working with him"47.Lee Min Ho also has said that Hye Sun is a good woman, smart and playful48.Waktu filming Boys Before Flowers coincidence winter weather is moderate, Lee Min Ho ever caught was sharing a blanket with Hye Sun49.Lee Min Ho claimed to have moments that can not be forgotten along with Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho is time to sleep dibahu Hye Sun. Lee Min Ho said that when it was on the set no mattress50.Semenjak play in the drama Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho always get roles in many drama Male Lead51.Drama the starring Lee Min Ho always burst, for example, Personal Taste, City Hunter, Faith, and The Heirs52.Lawan play Lee Min Ho in drama Personal Taste is the Son Eon Jin, Lee Min Ho played the Jeon Jin Ho53.Jeon Jin Ho is a figure of a young ambitious perfectionist architect who acts as a gay man54.Di in the real world, Lee Min Ho said that if she was ever in the appraiser by a gay55.Lawan play Lee Min Ho in drama City Hunter is Park Min Young, Lee Min Ho played the Lee Yoon Sung56.Lee Yoon Sung is a figure of a man who wants to avenge his father's killer57.Lee Min Ho practice for two months to create a scene that seemed real judo and perfect58.Kabarnya in the real world, Lee Min Ho was involved in love with co-star location that is Park Min Young59.Bahkan their fans have nicknames for them ie "MinMin Couple"60.Tapi affectionate relationship Lee Min Ho and Min Young only last up to three months and they officially broke up61.Salah the media in China stated that relations Lee Min Ho and Min Young is just a hoax to raise the popularity of the drama they62.Lawan play in the drama Lee Min Ho Faith Kim Hee Sun, Lee Min Ho played the Choi Young63.Choi Young is a figure of soldiers loyal to King64.Drama Faith is the first drama Lee Min Ho is set in about History65.Lawan play Lee Min Ho in the drama The Heirs is Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho played the Kim Tan66.Kim Tan is the figure of the future heir in group Jeguk67.Banyak fans who envied the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye68.Fans too much to say that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye is ideal for couples in the real world so69.Semua clothes Lee Min Ho in use for the set of The Heirs, Lee Min Ho at auction for charity70.Lawan play Lee Min Ho in drama on average older than himself71.Contohnya: Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers) 3 years older than him, Son Eon Jin (Personal Taste) 5 years older than him, Park Min Young (City Hunter) 1 year older than him, Kim Hee Sun (Faith ) 10 years older than him72.Kalau choose drama, Lee Min Ho will choose a role that suits him and according to age73.Lee Min Ho get paid 3.4 million at first to be a model CF74.Kata Lee Min Ho, falling in love is one way to relieve stress75.Lee Min Ho is common in saying that she had plastic surgery76.Tipe Lee Min Ho ideal woman is a woman who has the self-confidence is very high and also a woman who has an unexpected side77.Lee Min Ho is a Korean celebrity getting the most followers in Weibonya Account78.Terhitung until the end of April 2015, Lee Min Ho Weibo followers already get 27 million users79.Weibo social media is Twitter-style "China"80.Dalam few years, Lee Min Ho has become the most popular Korean artist in China81.Lee Min Ho went Top 20 artists of the world most in love on Facebook82.Lee Min Ho known as "King of Facebook" from Asia83.Kalau filming the ad in an open place, Lee Min Ho often postpone filming her ads as many fans Lee Min Ho that can not be controlled84.Lee Min Ho donated 1.2 billion for victims of Nepal85.Lee Min Ho donated 606 million to Africa86.Banyak who praised Lee Min Ho because he was diligent donate87.Lee Min Ho was looking for her long legs88.Selalu in comparison with Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho said he did not mind if they have to compete acting89.Lee Min Ho never get 100 bids filming the drama, film, and advertising at the same time90.Lee Min Ho had met specifically with the president of South Korea as a representative of "Hallyu Star"91.Aktris senior Kim Sung Ryung and actor Lee Dong Wook said that Lee Min Ho is very handsome and tall92.Lee Min Ho ever paid 5 billion just to be a cameo in the series China93.Lee Min Ho had been a Korean actor who most want to kiss in Thailand94.Lee Min Ho admitted tired of playing the character of the rich95.Banyak fans who say that the charm of Lee Min Ho will never fade, although many new stars emerging96.Lee Min Ho earned the nickname "PRINCE OF ASIA"97.Pada 2015, Lee Min Ho played in the movie "Gangnam Blues", Lee Min Ho played the Kim Jong Dae98.Lee Min Ho had to lose weight in the film Gangnam Blues98.Waktu premier Gangnam Blues, many Korean celebrities who came as a form of support to Lee Min Ho, whom Kim Woo Bin, Park Shin Hye, Choi Jin Hyuk, Jung Il Woo, Kim Bum, Kang So Ra, and Suzy of Miss A99.Pada dated March 22, 2015, the agency Lee Min Ho and Suzy of Miss A to confirm if they are officially dating100.Lee Min Ho impressed closed to the public about the relationship, in contrast to Suzy. Suzy mala very open with the public101.Kalau most other celebrity couples who will suffer losses after getting caught on a date, Lee Min Ho and Suzy mala many advantages that received them after confirming their relationship102.Kabarnya Lee Min Ho is very keen to do PDKT on SuzySuzy 103.Alasan accept Lee Min Ho as Lee Min Ho is a very warm and caring104.Sung Si Kyung and Youngjae GOT7 is one of the celebrities who gutted for Lee Min Ho and Suzy courtship105.Setelah relations Lee Min Ho and Suzy confirmation, many Meme upset scattered in cyberspace106.Kim Woo Bin who is a friend of Lee Min Ho was surprised to learn of Lee Min Ho and Suzy courtship107.Waktu relations Lee Min Ho and Suzy confirmation, many fans who say that their partners are swapped. Supposedly Lee Min Ho with YoonA and Lee Seung Gi with Suzy108.Selebritis Korea ever filming the CF / advertising with Lee Min Ho among others Han Ji Hye, Jessica Gomes, Sandara of 2NE1, SNSD YoonA, Park Shin Hye, Goo Hye Sun, Kim Bum, Moon Geun Young, Park Min Young, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon, Son Dam Bi, Uee Afterschool, etc.109.Lee Min Ho once rumored to be dating a celebrity line of Korean women as Davichi's Kang Min Kyung, Park Bo Young, Goo Hye Sun, Moon Chae Won, Choi Eun Seo, Yoon Eun Hye, Seolhyun AOA, Park Shin Hye, SNSD YoonA110.Kutipan draw from Lee Min Ho "Do your best in all respects"

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Hong Yoo-kyung Profile and Fact

Hong Yoo-kyung - As you have read the title above, Hong Yoo-kyung Profile and Fact, here I will give some information about former members of the girl group named APink, and a former member of Apink that I discuss here, namely Hong Yoo-kyung, some information about Hong Yoo-kyung, such as the Hong Yoo-kyung Profile, Facts and information about Hong Yoo-kyung will I give here, please read.

Hong Yoo Kyung Photos
Hong Yoo Kyung Photos

Hong Yoo-kyung Profile

Hong Yoo-kyung (Hangul: 홍유경; Hanja: 洪 瑜 暻) was born on 22 September 1994 in Seoul. She is the daughter of Hong Ha-jong, CEO of DSR Wire Corp. He attended the High School of Performing Arts School Hyundai and Seoul. At the age of 11 years, Hong issued a CD of children and a song entitled "Hae Tae Story". Hong joined Apink in 2011 and in April 2013, he left the group to focus learning. At the beginning of the year, he was admitted in the Department of Creative Performing Arts Chung-Ang University.

Hong Yoo-kyung Bios

Full Name: Hong Yoo Kyung (홍유경) / Yookyung
Date of Birth: 22 September 1994
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 48 kg
CF: Beast / BBQ
MV: Beast 'Beautiful'
Special: Singing and Dance
Blood Type: AB

Hong Yoo-kyung Fact

  1. Hong Yoo-kyung is a South Korean singer.
  2. He is a former member of the popular K-pop group A Pink
  3. Lessons in School: English
  4. Instruments: Viola and piano
  5. Hobbies: Baking
  6. Interesting Facts
  7. Known as Milk yoo kyung because of his white skin.
  8. She was a cheerleader when she lived in the US for two years.
  9. She sang Wonder Girls "Sorry Heart" at the audition.
  10. A Pink He left to concentrate on his studies in 2013.
  11. Hong Ha jung Her father is the CEO of a manufacturing company, DSR Wire Corp.
  12. Yoon-kyung was born on September 22, 1994 and is currently 21 years old.
  13. Zodiac is Virgo.
  14. Height and weight
  15. Height 167 cm and weighs 48 kg.
  16. Yookyung is the only one whose blood type AB among members of A Pink
  17. School Yookyeong are: PSA - SD Busok - Junior Women Sehwa - SMA Hyundai - Seoul Performing Arts High School
  18. Hobby Yookyeong is fuel-burn, watching the others were eating, playing piano and viola
  19. Yookyeong it tidy and not too expressive. He is more of type planners and honest person.
  20. Type Yookyeong adlah medley of music and pop
  21. Fashion Yookyeong is something casual
  22. Daughter of Lee Kyungkyu are good friends Yookyeong
  23. In addition to western food, Yookyeong like bread and cheese
  24. Yookyeong liked all the colors and his favorite number is 2
  25. Hollywood movie 'Letters to Juliet' to leave good memories and a lasting impression to make it a favorite Yookyeong Yookyeong
  26. Yookyeong motto is 'Always happy, always praying, always do your best, and be grateful for everything'
  27. Bomi and Yookyung same "has experience in cheerleading, Korea Bomi difference if Yookyung it in America.
  28. Yookyung always wake up most mornings * american style *
  29. Yookyung never took an archery class
  30. Yookyung love is really the name of the piano
  31. Yookyung more promiscuous dancing than singing, but angency says she should be choosing to sing
  32. Yookyung in korea is more famous for the classic beauty
  33. According Namjoo, Yookyung is an alarm clock that runs. Because style hidpu regular Yookyung
  34. In addition to playing piano, violin playing, make a cake, Yookyung also enjoyed the name sudoku puzzles
  35. Yookyung like to organize stuff "every time it is empty, so it always looks neat

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APink Bomi Profile and Fact

APink Bomi - As you have read the title above, APink Bomi Profile and Fact, here I will give some information about one of the members of the girl group named APink, and a member of Apink that I discuss here, namely Bomi, some information about Bomi, such as the Bomi, Profile, Facts and information about Bomi will I give here, please read. 

Apink Bomi Latest Photos
Apink Bomi Latest Photos
Apink Bomi Profile
Yoon Bo-mi (Hangul: 윤보미; hanja: 尹 普 美, born in Suwon, South Korea, August 13, 1993; age 23 years) is an American actress, singer, dancer, and model South Korea. He is a member of the girl group Apink. He has one older brother, Yoon Sun-mi, and one sister, Yoon Jong-jin. He entered high school and later Girls Youngshin Korea Arts High School, where he graduated in February 2012. He came out of the college to concentrate on the music.

In 2012, Yoon doing a cameo appearance in Reply 1997, where she played a teenage version of Moon Jeong-mi, mother Yoon Yoon-jae. He became MC in variety show Weekly Idol on July 17, 2013 to July 8, 2015. At the end of 2013, she appeared in the music video of K-Hunter "Marry Me" and appeared in the song hip-hop group M.I.B "Let's Talk About You". He was instrumental in the variety show The Human Condition in 2014 and appeared in a special event MBC Real Men women at the beginning of 2015. In 2015, he performed preformance David Oh debut song "I Know, I Know," which was released on May 11, and, on June 16, released a duet together Im Seulong titled "Lovely" to show varieties Some Guys, Some Girls. He later appeared in a digital single Yoon Hyun-sang "Let's Eat Together", which was released on September 24; He also starred in the music video of his. In September 2015 he was instrumental in web KBS drama Love Detective Sherlock K as a top star Yuna. Yoon and friends in the same group at the Sugar Man Kim appeared as Apink BNN on October 20. At last epidose for Weekly Idol in 2015, Yoon Boo-mi became the fourth guest MC after MC Jeong Hyeong-don hiatus. In January, members of his counterpart Yoon and Kim became the new MC of Tasty Road 2

A Pink Bomi Bios
Real name : Yoon Bomi (윤보미)
Stage name : Bomi (보미)
Date of Birth : 13 Agustus 1993
Height / Weight : 163 cm/45kg
Blood type : O
Position : Leader Dance,main Vocal
Skills : Dancing,Singing
Twitter : http://twitter.com/Apinkbm

APink Bomi Fact
  1. Bomi has a brother and sister both girls and guys
  2. Bomi school is kindergarten P Gosek, Gosek elementary, junior girls Youngshin, korea Arts High School
  3. During his junior high school's Bomi the girls' school
  4. Her hobbies are eating, listen to music, taekwondo, cheerleading
  5. Bomi describes herself as a shy child shy but active
  6. Bomi on cowowk first impression is important, so the ideal is a guy who looks good in the sight of the first and without a crease of the eye double
  7. Bomi role model is Lee Hyori
  8. Bomi bad habit was hand picked as Chorong
  9. Bomi love ballad singing
  10. Bomi call fashion style as "fashion neighbor"
  11. Bomi wanted to be friends with Tak Jaehyoon
  12. Bomi favorite food is Budae (Kimchi spicy stew, sausage and vegetables)
  13. Favorite color is red
  14. Favorite number is 3
  15. Moto life "let live without regrets"
  16. Kids 2nd of 3 siblings sister (Sunmi Yoon) and brother (Yoon Jongjin)
  17. Her hobbies are eating, listening to music, Taekwondo, and Cheerleading
  18. Taekwondo was already up to level 3 (black belt) .Bomi said here learn Taekwondo from kindergarten and he got a bronze medal in junior high. Since then she does not ever miss dapet gold medal in Taekwondo. Defence Bomi in Taekwondo is very nice so he's in the game to win against Kim Yeonwoo. Although his opponent guy, Bomi won with a score of 13-7.
  19. Famous for "Gorilla Walk" him and by Bomi, "Gorilla Walk" it is damaging his image.
  20. Bomi can also "Gorilla Dace".
  21. In addition to "Gorilla Walk", Bomi can also "Camel Walk" and "Cheetah Walk"
  22. Bomi school in kindergarten 'Gosek', SD 'Gosek', girls' junior 'Youngshin' SMA 'Korea Arts'
  23. His favorite color is red
  24. Figures favorite is number 3
  25. Her favorite food is Budae
  26. Bomi describes herself as a shy child, shy, but active
  27. Role model is Lee Hyori
  28. Bomi call fashion style with 'Fashion Neighbors'
  29. Bomi first impression on men it is important that the ideal type is someone who looks good at first glance and without the double eyelid
  30. Minhwan 'FT.ISLAND' make Bomi as his ideal type
  31. Bomi love songs Ballad
  32. Bomi love zombie films and horror
  33. Bomi wanted to be friends with Tak Jaehoon
  34. The bad habit is, raised his hand as Chorong
  35. Bomi motto is "Come live without regrets"
  36. Before debut, Bomi is a tomboy child
  37. The only members of A Pink is a nickname for Bomi is Eunji nickname is 'Bbom'
  38. Bomi audition to 3 times
  39. Bomi had a dog named Yeppeo but the dog died when aniv A Pink to 100 days. Bomi feel very depressed at that time and she cries alone because it was feeling lost.
  40. Bomi has a unique way of laughing (a little put out his tongue)
  41. Bomi known by the nickname "YoonRilla" was selected for "Gorilla Walk" was
  42. One day Bomi once said that if he did look like an alien when their stage debut
  43. Bomi can break some plywood with bare hands
  44. When the MV filming 'I Do not Know', Bomi tried the door, but when opened, the door suddenly fell
  45. When Bomi was a kid, he loved to play ball with her male friend
  46. Bomi often selca with his typical funny pose (puffed out his cheeks / fish bowl selcas)
  47. Bomi never revealed on the show "Weekly Idol" and "Strong Heart" that she ever fart in front Woohyun 'Infinite' while at the same salon and pretended to sleep when fart in front Woohyun 'Infinite'. Woohyun responding to incidents fart Bomi wisely. Woohyun send short video messages in Bomi and said that he believed it was only the sound generated by the sound of chairs scraping the skin
  48. Daegeon 'F.CUZ' like Bomi
  49. Bomi ever selca with Cube Entertainment CEO
  50. The special message is "Do not fart in a public place"
  51. Ideal type is that treated him well and not bought expensive items
  52. Bomi can beatbox
  53. Bomi her high school graduation on the 12th of February 2012
  54. Bomi high school cheerleaders join the team and Bomi feel the burden also leads dance so although there is pride too. This is because he feels the same NamJoo Chorong also dancer2 terrific Apink. Chorong and Namjoo uda ngedance since childhood.
  55. Bomi frequent sparring opponent Chorong cuman she feels she does not stronger than Chorong because Chorong strength is not as imagined, Chorong very strong. Chorong often joking banging plasticity but Bomi Bomi feel Chorong punches that hurt.
  56. Because Bomi is a taekwondo master, she asked who Apink members who want to protect him? Bomi said she want to be a guardian for Naeun sanget Naeun feminine and popular.
  57. Bomi is known as visual cute and taekwondo master. But according to his own Bomi, she is actually very tomboyish. Since childhood mama always calling Bomi Bomi typical guy with the nickname. Well because now he was nicknamed "Fairy Idol" by many people, so instead he feel strange ajah by that name.
  58. While still in school, Bomi said she does not ever ngerajut etc. (a common thing to learn girls) but he always plays kejar2an and play ball with his friends that guy. She is very tomboyish first.
  59. Bomi learned Taekwondo since the age of 8 years old and he is in level 3 (3 and). He is a black belt.
  60. Ryewook commend Bomi that husky voice, he says sexy.
  61. Bomi learned to write songs for a long time, he studied sedikit2 and here there listener who want ngedengerin song creation Bomi.Dan songs by Bomi here actually he made for boys. Ryeowook plasticity like the song and want to sing that song.
  62. Because Bomi never nunjukin gag body gorilla in one sport event idol, the image he's so broken. And for ngerubah image that he says want diem from now on, he want to kayak Yookyung and Naeun ajah calm. Chorong openly say if Bomi way to change the image as they are still too far away.
  63. Finally, because they can not be muted jelas2 kayak Yookyung Naeun, Bomi decided to give up and will continue the same consistent style behavior cutenya cutenya although it likes to make the same Eunji Chorong ngeliatnya lazy too, haha.
  64. Bomi favorite song is Mollayo (I do not Know). And here she sings her part. Kan last lyric "annajullae" .. well this Bomi style ngucapinnya contrived so cute while geleng2 head.
  65. In one of their shows were divided into 2 groups, the first group Eunji Chorong Naeun and the third group NamJoo same Bomi Hayoung. They will diplay-in song and told nereakin Mr.Chu fans2 fanchant of them when performing. Eunji team winning and losing team NamJoo, haha. Eunji same faseh Chorong really niruin fanchant Mr.Chu because other, equally Naeun that mong ajah from the start, haha. * Oya..fanchant'nya Apink really exciting for me especially the Mr.Chu. If you never see them perform at SBS (they wear western style school uniforms ala2) plasticity of the fanboy Apink on toak bring small pink for fanchant's. So even though the little voice dateng tetep kenceng chingu, bagus..haha strategy. I've always liked ngedengerin fanchant2 Apink fans. Especially the last part that "yongwonhi saranghae..yongwonhi hamkkehae, yongwonhi urineun Ei-Ping-Keu ~!".
  66. There are viewers from Australia who asked Bomi aegyo and that he sang gwiyeomi song.
  67. So gamesnya Bomi asked ngasi gesture or sound that refer to a particular animal and Donie same Konie Ilhoon must guess. First Bomi meragain same animal puppy kitten. He somehow too cute but shy ga, ga jaim was because he dared also meragain hewan2 ga cute gorilla ampe eg total really. He also ga shy meragain his camels until bergelombang2 so. He niruin camel's gait until very similar. He also total meragain same crocodile fish until jatoh wake. Until nempel2 wall laba2 meragain cuman really unlucky ga ketebak each other, haha. Also until cartwheels head under meragain bat. * During the weekly Seeing that there bominya idol, I think he was the man ga Maluan and total chingu. Bomi if I clay person is, not the type who likes to keep the image. The proof she does not shy gorilla meragain used in awal2 despite her age Mollayo sempet want to change the image as I said earlier, haha. And I guess no idol girl jarang2 se-cool Bomi, which ga jaim.
  68. There's always the same question if Xiumin EXO Dongwoon Teen Top was a schoolgirl fitting High School and one of them took my art department, now the question is which of the child Umin or Dongwoon art. Bomi wondered if the child Xiumin Art for Art teachers face like he said, haha. While she thought the child Dongwoon IPA gegara according to her face like a science teacher, haha. Well Bomi one Xiumin guess because he thought the child was a child turns Art IPA. * If you have read in the album XOXO, in a written reply Xiumin profile subjects that he likes is Mathematics and cita2nya so Architects, ga surprised actually because he was a child IPA chingu. Naturally, if it was him calm, not much of the way. As far as I anak2 IPA orang2nya like that anyway. Another equally noisy IPS my child ga karu2an, hahaha *
  69. In this episode Bomi ngasi some questions to Eunji through telephone, the same banyak2an Ilhoon. Ilhoon own telephone his friend, Park Ji Bin (her sister Geum Jan Di in BBF). Ga I have thought the same if Ilhoon sepantaran Ji Bin.
  70. Bomi same temenan Park Gyeong Block B gegara same mother Bomi Park Gyeong deket friends.
  71. Bomi one guessing here. So there is a question about Chanyeol. Masi fitting Chanyeol first school ever to race cross dressing (wear clothes and grooming girls so girls) and then he say if he was born again and become a girl, she would like someday to marry someone whose face looked like him. Bomi one guessing as he wondered Chanyeol want to be sexy dancer + singer, haha.
  72. Among all idol girl, according to Donie, Bomi is the most cute.
  73. Tim Bomi who cry gegara kicked in the face at his opponent. Bomi plasticity most attention because he immediately take a small towel so create a sort of ngusap the child's tears. He also terus2an beside the little boy. The child was crying gegara ga behenti really sick he said. He terus2 ngusap induces tears and do not cry anymore and ngelanjutin game. The child's mother was asked about the incident and he told me he was proud of his son, no matter what happens he is proud of his son. Bomi who ngedenger immediately cry so. She was moved and reached out tears TT. After that the mother ngebujuk follow the child for playing again. Opponents who kick had also apologized and said "I'll ga at the head again so let's play anymore" and finally the boy would ngelanjutin game. Kind heart Bomi TT. Tapi ending Bomi team lost gegara temen2nya others like Fabien lose but I salute and recognize the greatness of Bomi in Taekwondo. He bener2 competent in that game. You know Fabien? He is a French guy is an athlete Taekwondo (black belt as well) and had been a champion of Taekwondo in Europe. He is now again in Korea, Korean language fluently really cool. Last week he plays Running Man also with Bomi and Naeun (ep 202).
  74. Apink ever dateng military base camp in Kyunggi-Do. They sing to the laki2 who were conscripts. Boisterous atmosphere really gegara oppa2 there loves each Apink. There oppa that when the cameras tereak vigorously "Bomi..ini oppa..saranghae!". * Seems fans Bomi loads among oppa2 draftee. This event laki2 all gegara audience who came Apink, haha. Apink now so representation Korean girls you see. Where there Apink certainly there is the Panda Boys😀
  75. Bomi feel when a guy is trying to take off his tie a little rough because of fatigue home from work is a sexy guy.
  76. Apink Bomi and all members agreed that if they like guys with big hands mengucek2 their heads.
  77. Apink Bomi and all members agree if they like the guy who talked about the future.
  78. Bomi and Eunji like a guy who is very handsome and they want to ignore all of the origin of the benar2 very handsome guy.
  79. Bomi stronger than manager oppa. Bomi quibble "ga anyway, I'm the same manager oppa same strength, setengah2" but after that he ngerusakin nameplate create wide syting news, which immediately broke torn so. Direct dah tuh gentle girl image that she would wake up ancur instantly, haha.
  80. Apink dapet nickname Beast idol gegara Bomi ability imitating gorilla, haha. Bomi is known as Rilla Yoon😀. Bomi ga shy create demonstrate the ability to mimic the gorilla was even until ngedance No No No gorilla version in this event, haha. * It's the reason I like Bomi as well, only this time I find any idol girl watch ga image..mau ngedance gorilla despite their concept fairy idol sweet, cool ~ *
  81. For recording Mr.Chu, Bomi personally believes if he sang secute Mr.Chu should probably secute by combining voice and body language are also very cute when recording. He hoped that he recorded the song could sound so cute later as the intent of the song.
  82. It is 100% Truth time event where masing2 members came forward and they were asked about the same member2 something else and they need helps to answer honestly. Bomi dapet first innings and Keith apa2 he's already ngakak.Bomi type ga keep the image, if you want to laugh ya laugh ajah though style is very far ketawanya equal his idol fairy concept Apink calm dewi2 innocent like that if you want to laugh ajah should pelan2 , ha ha. But there is a side politely Bomi too, runs laughing that he immediately said sorry, haha.
  83. Eunji nanya to Bomi what he felt disappointed hal2 akhir2. Bomi says that he for some time there is a schedule of individual and usually the members ngasi spirit through sms with "eonni, if all went well?" But akhir2 the sms there's nothing except the same Eunji Hayoung, so Bomi bit disappointed.
  84. Eunji nanya more about the foods that are now favored Bomi. Bomi favorite food is budae jjigae cuman akhir2 why I think she does not attracted the same food again, is there the food was interesting Bomi now? Bomi say if now he's more like a triangle Kimbap very same direct .All ngakak ajah denger Bomi too honest answer was, haha. Triangle kimbap is simple food uda ngebuat he fell in love because it simply. This is because now Bomi again many schedules as well, so Kimbap a simple meal right. Bomi like a lot of sense, he is like a triangle kimbap with spicy sauce, kimchi mapun tuna.
  85. Eunji certainly had acquaintances actor guy because he used to play a lot of drama, asked Eunji Namjoo introduce one of the actors was to them. Bomi directly tereak "In Sung..Jo Jo In Sung" vigorously. It seems Bomi ngefans really the same Jo In Sung and want Eunji ngenalin to them. But Eunji refused because for him Jo In Sung is oppa should he protecting,
  86. Namjoo asked to choose friendship or love at Bomi. For example Bomi want jatoh to sea he nyelamatin Bomi or girlfriend, Namjoo said would nyelametin Bomi #sosweet. Bomi directly deh monangis and said saranghamnida to adeknya the Namjoo.
  87. Bomi same Naeun appear on Running Man ep 202. He's the same team Gary. Pas asked Gary ideal type of guy like how Bomi Bomi that helps to answer the same if he loves Yoo Jae Suk. Bomi said he was very cool, very good. According to Bomi, Yoo Jae Suk is indeed the person what we see on the screen / in both the camera and not just the same. Naeun also agree with it. Gary said if a guy is good to all the girls instead of having an attractive ga yah. But Bomi tetep ajah ngebela Yoo Jaesuk and say if Jaesuk interesting anyway despite that, haha. Bomi plasticity loves Yoo Jaesuk same figure. In addition to National MC (MC no.1) in Korea, Yoo Jaesuk is also much admired women in Korea because of his character that weve really interesting as laki2. Humorous, honest, clever, considerate, good at all and competen buildup in Korean entertainment (all around artist, can ngemcee, ngelawak, singing, ngedance etc.). She became the ideal husband in Korea even so the ideal type for the young wanita2 / usia2 college. If you watch the Running Man ep 176 loads Korean college age girl who loves the same Yoo Jaesuk and says he is the ideal type for their partners. There is even a Korean ampe cewek2 crying gegara Yoo Jaesuk marriage.
  88. Bomi close to Jiyoon '4 Minute'
  89. Bomi is keen on horseback
  90. Bomi is Mania Mountaineering. He never went to the manager and the company, and he loved it.
  91. Bomi ideal type is someone who can give him a 'feeling' at the sight.
  92. If Naeun own brother, Naeun choose Bomi as a member to be introduced to his brother.
  93. Bomi explain "face without make-up is not bad. It's just a different beauty. "Bomiwithoutmakeup
  94. There is a corner in Sukira where fans can ask idol to do something for them. Bomi asked to do imitations Gorilla. But because the company did not want him to do it again (because of their fairy image) so he just imitating the sound of a gorilla.
  95. Bomi message to Woohyun Infinite: "You also may fart in front of me"
  96. Bomi ever duet song Oops (G.na) with Ilhoon (Bomi Ilhoon beat boxing and rap)
  97. Want to have a guy who can make a delicious Budae (favorite food Bomi) .But men who can make budae not the ideal type
  98. Bomi is very bad in preparing and packing goods for air-pergian (he even put a toothbrush in his wallet).
  99. The original dream is to become a Korean national taekwondo athlete.
  100. Bomi shower irregular and sometimes the other members can not stand it.
  101. Bomi is one member APink are not weepy.
  102. Bomi like Rookie Boy group Bangtan Boys (BTS)
  103. Bomi father never appeared on the show Apink News and Mamamia
  104. Bomi body is very resilient.
  105. Bomi never tried Indian curry flavor toothpaste
  106. Bomi become a model K-Hunter video clips titled "Marry Me"
  107. Bomi ever get flour at KBS Crisis Escape Number One
  108. Bomi selected as the "First Love Idol" because he looks like a first love male idols. (Based on the selection of the male idol)
  109. Bomi is M.I.B duet partner on the song 'Let's Talk About You'
  110. Bomi close to the MIB. He even called 5zic when Speed ​​Quiz in shows Super Junior's Kiss The Radio.
  111. Bomi also called Kyung when Speed ​​Quiz on the show Weekly Idol.
  112. Jr. (GOT7) is a fan of Bomi.
  113. Bomi and Chorong G.na never lived together before their debut.
  114. Before debut Bomi CUBE Academy joined together Jeongmin 'Boyfriend'.
  115. One room with Chorong Bomi and Eunji in their new dorm.
  116. Never a cameo in the drama 'Reply 1997' in episode 9 together Chorong.
  117. Bomi create a song with the title of 'Hello Goodbye' but still not completely release, never sung on Weekly Idol and Super Junior's Kiss the Radio.
  118. Bomi said she was the type of woman that when she likes someone, he will immediately express his feelings.
  119. Bomi chose Lee Hyori if he can exchange with one's soul.
  120. Bomi want to learn English and Japanese.
  121. The hardest thing in life becomes an idol for Bomi is trained himself not to eat a lot (because Bomi like to eat).
  122. Bomi way to relieve stress is to walk on the edge of the Han River while listening to music and cry when watching a sad movie.
  123. Bomi want to collaborate with Sung Sikyung.
  124. For something to be proud Bomi is a volunteer.
  125. It is most preferred Bomi while in Canada is looking at the waterfalls and eat lots of good food.
  126. Lend a patch (a pain reliever) in Bomi is something to be proud for Naeun.
  127. Bomi like angry birth and often photographed with items that smelled angry birth

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APink Chorong Profile and Fact

APink Chorong - As you have read the title above, APink Chorong Profile and Fact, here I will give some information about one of the members of the girl group named APink, and a member of Apink that I discuss here, namely Chorong, some information about Chorong, such as the profile Chorong, Facts and information about Chorong will I give here, please read. 

APink Chorong Latest Photos
APink Chorong Latest Photos
APink Chorong Profile
Park Cho-rong (Hangul: 박 초롱, born in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, March 3, 1991, age 25 years) is a South Korean actress and singer, and leader of girl group Apink. He has two sisters, one brother and one sister. Chungbuk he entered high school. His father has a central Hapkido, and he studied hapkido submarine eight years, won the third warning black belt. Park auditioned for JYP Entertainment in 2009 and became a finalist. He was introduced to the public through the Japanese version of the music video "Shock" by Beast. He wrote the lyrics to the songs Apink "April 19th", "Love Story", "So Long", "Wanna Be" and "Dejavu".

Park made his acting debut in 2011 on All My Love at MBC, a South Korean sitcom. He then made a cameo appearance in a Korean drama Reply 1997 (2012) as a form of maternal age of 18 years Seong Si-won, Lee Il-hwa. In 2014, he earned his first major role as Han Soo-ah, a high school student known but mysterious in tvN drama, Plus Nine Boys. In 2015, Park made an appearance in the show varieties of Slim Pack Lunch.

APink Chorong Bios
Real name : Park Chorong (박초롱 )
Stage name : Chorong (초롱 )
Date of Birth : 3 Maret 1991
Height / Weight : 165 cm/46 kg
Blood type : O
Group : APink
Position : Leader, Rapper, Main vocal
School : Chungbuk High School
Skills : Taekwondo,Dancing
Twitter : http://twitter.com/Apinkpcr

APink Chorong Fact
  1. Byungsul Chorong school is kindergarten, elementary Bukang, Middle, High School Chongbook
  2. His hobbies are watching movies, doing the dishes, Hapkido
  3. Chrong describe as a shy person at first, but she was very friendly person
  4. Chorong actually auditioned in JYP but accepted by Cube and become a trainee
  5. Chorong Like skinny guy with no double eye crease and manly personality
  6. Modeling Chorong is BOA and S.E.S
  7. Chorong had the bad luck that fell ill before an important job or gig
  8. Chorong had a habit of lifting his hands but late answer
  9. Chorong enjoy the music Pussycat Dolls and Beyonce
  10. Chorong prefers rubber boots and always wearing casual clothes
  11. Chorong ever stayed in dormnya G.NA for 8 months, so he considers G.NA is very close celebrity friends
  12. Chorong like chicken, ice and bread
  13. Chorong favorite color is Pink and Red
  14. Figures A Chorong are 3 and 7
  15. Chorong like fil action
  16. His motto is "Do not start if you know you're going to give up"
  17. Chorong blood type is O
  18. Chorong born March 3, 1991
  19. Chorong is part of APINK
  20. Chorong is the leader of APINK
  21. School Chorong: TK Byungsul - SD Bukang - Middle - High School Choongbook
  22. Chorong hobby is watching movies, doing the dishes, Hapkido
  23. Chorong describes herself as a very shy person at first but actually he was friendly.
  24. Chorong actually auditioned for JYP but accepted by Cube and become a trainee.
  25. In fanfiction Chorong often paired with the EXO Suho K, Woohyun Infinite, Yongguk BAP, Donghyun Boyfriend and Kris EXO M
  26. Chorong Like skinny guy without the eye crease with a double and a male personality
  27. Modeling Chorong is BoA and S.E.S
  28. Misfortune Chorong are falling ill before an important job or gig.
  29. Chorong bad habits are lifted his hand and replied late.
  30. Chorong enjoy the music of Beyonce and the Pussycat Dolls
  31. Chorong more like sneakers than in high heels and always wear casual clothing.
  32. Chorong stay in dormnya G.NA for 8 months so he considers G.NA is very close celebrity friends.
  33. Chorong like chicken, ice cream, and bread.
  34. Chorong favorite color is pink, and red.
  35. Figures A Chorong are 3 and 7.
  36. Chorong like action movies
  37. Chorong motto is 'Do not start if you know you'll give up'
  38. Couple Chorong in MV "Skinny Baby" is the Beast Yoseob
  39. Chorong prefer to wear sneakers (running shoes) than high heels
  40. Chorong sister girl got her name SeungHee
  41. Chorong never auditioned for JYP in 2009 the same unison SISTAR Dasom
  42. Chorong said she was a country girl warm. but other members said she was a person who was cold and awful
  43. Chorong choose Gikwang as a member that he feels most comfortable because just a different one than the other members taun
  44. According to him Chorong the plasticity of the youngest among them all when he was the age of the oldest
  45. Chorong fastest whose name is ready "in the morning
  46. Chorong says panda eyes + high it really ribetin
  47. Although it looks soft, but Chorong was really good at hip hop dance
  48. Chorong is a very shy person even not the kind of person who introduced himself during the trainee.
  49. Chorong once made Hayoung cry

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APink Eunji Profile and Fact

APink Eunji - As you have read the title above, APink Eunji Profile and Fact, here I will give some information about one of the members of the girl group named APink, and a member of Apink that I discuss here, namely Eunji, some information about Eunji, such as the profile Eunji, Eunji Facts and information about will I give here, please read-read 

Apink Eunji Latest Photos
Apink Eunji Latest Photos
APink Eunji Profile
Jung Eun-ji (Korean: 정은지; birth name Jung Hye-rim, was born in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea, August 18, 1993; age 23 years), is a singer and actress idol South Korea. He is the lead singer in the vocal group of women Apink, and has been acting in television dramas namely Reply 1997 (2012), That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013), "Reply 1994" (2013), Trot Lovers (2014) and Sassy , Go Go (2015).

Jung Eun-ji was born with the name Jung Hye-rim in Haeundae, Busan, on August 18, 1993. He entered kindergarten Hapdo, Shinjae elementary, junior high and high school Jaesong Hyehwa. In 2004, Jung won the first place award in the program Excited Day Enjoyable Day (신나는 날 즐거운 날) hosted by KBS network.

A Pink Eunji Bios
Real name : Jung Eun Ji (정혜림)
Stage name : Eun Ji (은지)
Date of Birth : 18  Agustus 1993
Height / Weight : 164 cm/47 kg
Blood type : B
Group : APink
Position : Leader Vocal
Skills : Piano
Twitter : http://twitter.com/Apinkjej

APink Eun Ji Fact
  1. Eunji has a younger brother
  2. Nursery school Eunji is Habdo, Shinjae elementary, junior women Jaesong
  3. Eunji hobbies are playing the piano, imagining MV and scenarios
  4. Eunji described himself as optimistic and cheerful
  5. Eunji ideal man is a man without a double crease of the eye, good nose, and smiling faces were nice
  6. Role models are Eunji Lee Young Hyun and Gummy
  7. Eunji love songs Jennifer Hudson
  8. Places most visited by Eunji is a school in Busanb (academic music Busan)
  9. Eunji everyday style is baggy shorts, shirts, tight jeans, cardingan
  10. Eunji Kang celebrity friends and members Seungyoon 4 Minute
  11. Eunji want to be friends with Victoria f (x)
  12. Eunji favorite color is blue and red
  13. His favorite number is 25
  14. His favorite movie is Bruce Almighty
  15. His motto "let's think like a rose, so sharp like thorns and opens like a blossom"
  16. Eunji can sing, reaching 2.5 octave voice, the voice of his mouth Because good, so Main Vocal in Eunji Apink
  17. Friends fellow Hometown (BUSAN) is Superstar K2's Kang Seungyoon.
  18. Film passions Eunji is "Bruce Almighty"
  19. Eunji februari 2012 graduated from high school
  20. Eunji keep the school in Busan when her debut. he should be back and forth every day Seoul-Busan for her studies
  21. Eunji was gk use vocal training exercises direct to debut
  22. Bomi Eunji call by dialing "Bbom". Eunji is one "of his people who had a nickname for Bomi
  23. Eunji motto is: "Let's think like a rose. So sharp as thorns and opens like a blossom "
  24. Friends Eunji Kang Seungyoon celebrities and members of 4minute
  25. everyday style Eunji is: baggy shorts, shirts, tight jeans, cardigan
  26. The place most visited by Eunji is a school in Busan (Busan Music Academy)
  27. Eunji love songs Jennifer Hudson
  28. Eunji assume too much singing is a bad habit
  29. Role Model Eunji Lee YoungHyun and Gummy
  30. Men dream Eunji is someone without a double crease of the eye, good nose, and smiling faces were nice
  31. Eunji describes himself as an optimistic and cheerful
  32. Hobby Eunji is playing the piano, imagining MV and scenario
  33. School Eunji: TK Hapdo - SD Shinjae - Junior Women Jaesong
  34. Eunji had a younger brother named Jung Minki
  35. Eunji very good at making the atmosphere becomes warmer, the Happy Virus.
  36. Eunji born in busan
  37. Eunji shot by Seo in guk but Eunji refused.
  38. His favorite snack is a fried potato flour artificial mother.
  39. Food passions Eunji is a Korean-style food and Chiness.
  40. Eunji little time really like to follow the singing contest.
  41. Eunji originally wanted to be vocal trainer
  42. Eunji said people "on the say that busan accent was charming
  43. Eunji often really did not notice ngmng sattorinya accent, sometimes even longer fit filming too often let slip
  44. Eunji same loves dogs
  45. Simon D said Eunji it cute
  46. Eunji ga participate pas MV filming the beautiful beast
  47. Eunji record Hayoung snoring during 1menit 20min but Hayoung say if it's not him
  48. Apparently Jung Eun Ji has a father who is quite protective. As a result, she was furious when she saw her daughter kissing actor named Seo In Gook!
  49. Whereas personnel acted kiss A Pink was just acting. But the father still angry when he saw that scene in the tvN drama ANSWER ME, 1997, so hurry to call her daughter.
  50. "Oh, he was very angry. I tried to calm him and said that he saw was a kiss between a female character named Sung Si Won with his girlfriend, while I am his son, Jung Eun Ji. He replied, 'Yes I do, but on the screen it's your face?', "Commentator Eun Ji.
  51. Although it got a spray of anger from his father, but the scene that won praise from others. A Pink agency representative, Choi Jin Ho instead revealed that Eun Ji did it perfectly.
  52. beauty that is owned by one of the personnel of one of the famous girl group in Korea, 'A Pink', Jung Eun Ji, in fact, also has a very strange habit. Reportedly, he has a habit of walking in sleep.
  53. This was revealed by the Jung Eun Ji, when he became one of the guest stars, on a television program in Korea. According to Jung Eun Ji, he has a habit that is quite unique at the time he was fast asleep. With a blush, Jung Eun Ji said that he often slept Samil walk, and once he was awakened no more in place originally.
  54. Not only that, Jung Eun Ji also said that sometimes he was walking towards the kitchen to open the fridge and drinking water. In fact, one time he admitted that when he woke up he was in the living room. Though his knowledge actually sleep in his bedroom.
  55. It began he knew when his mother tells him what he was doing that, even though he admitted that he did so in a state of unconsciousness.
  56. Apparently Eunji possessed nickname "Lizzy second" of fans because it has similarities hometown and personality.
  57. His favorite color Red, Blue, Green
  58. Eunji have problems with dialect seoulnya
  59. Actually, the worst Eunji dancing in APink and often disrupt apink exercise.
  60. Eunji admitted never attended college taekwondo secretly without the knowledge of her mother
  61. In addition to kissing scene with actor Seo In guk, Eunji also been kissing scene with kim bum
  62. Eunji praised for beautiful sound from various artists like brave girls, SJ Heechul, Block B's Taeil, and Jinwoon 2am
  63. His favorite number 25
  64. Eunji play drama in Reply 1997, Tahath Winter The Wind Blows, trot lover
  65. In 2012, as a Eunji in Legally Blonde Elle Woods
  66. Eunj and Seo In Guk won best couple award and the top 10 stlye icon and also song ost All For You as the best in this year,
  67. ​​Eunji won the best new TV actress and The Rising Star award
  68. Eunj ever accidentally rip her clothes off while playing, and the other members covered by attaching a pin on her dress,
  69. Eunji want to be friends with Victoria F (x)
  70. Eunji tamapak together with Minah Girls Hyosung Power and secret
  71. Eunji admitted it was him rough and hard.
  72. Eunji Lee kwang soo and Niel teen top formed a group called "Fantastic"
  73. Eunji can rotate his ankle when he was wearing heels
  74. The last member Eunji actually entered in APink
  75. The first impression is a tomboy Bomi on Eunji
  76. Eunji and Naeun is a close friend of Woori Rainbows

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APink Hayoung Profile and Fact

APink Hayoung - As you have read the title above, APink Hayoung Profile and Fact, here I will give some information about one of the members of the girl group named APink, and a member of Apink that I discuss here, namely Hayoung, some information about Hayoung, such as the profile Hayoung, Hayoung Facts and information about will I give here, please read. 

APink Hayoung Latest Photos
APink Hayoung Latest Photos
A Pink Hayoung Profile
Oh Hayoung is a South Korean singer. He is a member of the popular K-pop group called A Pink. He was born in yangcheon district, Seoul, South Korea with the full name of Oh Ha Young and South Korean nationality from birth. Regarding education, he attended Middle School and later Shinwol Seoul Arts High School, then graduated.

A Pink Hayoung Bios
Real name : Oh Hayoung (오하영)
Stage name : Hayoung (하영)
Date of Birth : 19 Juli 1996
Height / Weight : 167 cm/46kg
Blood type : O
Group : APink
Position : Maknae,Main Vocal
Skills : Menjahit
Twitter : http://twitter.com/Apinkohy

APink Hayoung Fact
  1. Hayoung is an only child
  2. Wonhyung Hayoung school is kindergarten, and elementary / junior Shinwol
  3. Hayoung hobby is crafting ribbon, cross stitch and sports
  4. Hayoung a trainee at CUBE for one and a half years
  5. Ideal type is a person who has a good attitude and a beautiful smile
  6. Say something bad always happens to him when over the age of 11-16 years
  7. The bad habit is licking her lips
  8. Hayoung love music dance
  9. Points are often dikunjingi is the bed level and veranda
  10. Hayoung wear something black and white
  11. Hayoun want to be friends with a girl group that had just debuted and the idol of his age
  12. Hayoung want to be friends with Lee Hyori, Kim Won Hee, UV and Tak Jae Hoon
  13. Favoritny food is spicy rice cake
  14. His favorite color is yellow and black
  15. Figures 5 and 7 favorite is
  16. Hayoung like comedy and family
  17. His motto "If you do, it will happen"
  18. Oh Hayoung blood type is B
  19. Hayoung is an only child
  20. School Hayoung is: Wonhyung kindergarten and elementary / junior Shinwol
  21. Hayoung hobby is crafting ribbon, cross stitch, sewing abilities and sport
  22. Hayoung trainee Cube for one and a half years
  23. Hayoung ideal type is someone who has a good attitude and a beautiful smile
  24. Say something bad always happens to him when over the age of 11-16 years.
  25. A lick of the lips is a bad habit Hayoung
  26. Hayoung love music dance
  27. The most frequently visited by Hayoung is the bed level and veranda
  28. Hayoung wear something black and white
  29. Hayoung want to be friends with a girl group that had just debuted and the idol age
  30. Hayoung also want to be friends with Lee Hyori, Kim Won Hee, UV, and Tak Jae Hoon
  31. Hayoung favorite food is spicy rice cake
  32. Hayoung favorite color is yellow and black and her favorite is number 5 & 7
  33. Hayoung like comedy and family
  34. Hayoung motto is: 'If you do, it will happen
  35. Hayoung is ELF fan (fan super junior)
  36. Hayoung is maknae A Pink
  37. Hayoung childhood friend ever like the same boyfriend, continue Hayoung shot that guy but rejected
  38. Hayoung was an only child, he lived with his mother, father, grandfather, and grandmother
  39. Hayoung the cry is always associated with Chorong
  40. Hayoung feel alone all the time for being the only child of his parents.
  41. One of the favorite jokes Hayoung is' Do Eunji Unnie hatch from eggs?
  42. Another preferred Hayoung joke is when Yookyung say 'I'm more afraid of the dogs off of the tiger free'

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APink Naeun Profile and Fact

APink Naeun - As you have read the title above, APink Naeun Profile and Fact, here I will give some information about one of the members of the girl group named APink, and a member of Apink that I discuss here, namely Naeun, some information about Naeun, such as the profile Naeun, Naeun Facts and information about will I give here, please read

APink Naeun Latest Photos
APink Naeun Latest Photos
Apink Naeun Profile
Son Na-eun (Hangul: 손 나은, was born in Seoul, South Korea, February 10, 1994, age 22 years) is a South Korean singer and actress. Son is a member of the first training which was announced as a member of Apink in 2011. Chungdam son entered high school and then moved to Seoul Performing Arts High School, he graduated dimans on February 7, 2013. He entered Dongguk University in 2013, and he was chosen as ambassador at Dongguk University 2014. He appeared in music vid3o Beast "Breath", "Beautiful" and "I Like You The Best" by the end of 2010. He later appeared in the music video Huh Gak "The Person Who Once Loved Me" and "It Hurts" in 2012 as well as music videos Speed ​​"Sad Promise" and "It's Over" in 2013. Son become a model for cosmetics brand Peripera and sports apparel brand M-Limited.

Son plays a role in the drama The Great Seer, Salamander Guru and The Shadows, Childless Comfort and Twenty Again, as well as movies Marrying the Mafia 5: Return of The Family and The Miracle. Son is planned to appear in the drama Cinderella and the Four Knights in 2016.

In 2013-2014, Son starring in MBC's We Got Married with Taemin of SHINee band as a virtual wedding couple, which makes the award winning Son Star of the Year at MBC Entertainment Awards.

A pink Naeun Bios
Real name : Son Na Eun (손나은 )
Stage name : Naeun (나은)
Date of Birth : 10 February 1994
Height / Weight : 168 cm/47kg
Blood type : O
Group : APink
Position : Vocalist,Leader Dance,Visual
Skills : Piano

Apink Naeun Fact
  1. Naeun never win arm wrestle against the CEO who uses one finger (CEO) against the wrist (Naeun)
  2. Naeun have a sister
  3. Her school is kindergarten Junhyun, SD unbuk, Chungdam Middle, Apgujung SMA, SMA Seoul performance
  4. Naeun this time the same school with Namjoo (Seoul High Performance)
  5. Naeun hobby of drawing
  6. Naeun happy to think or create works of art while listening to music
  7. Naeun describes him as boring and not clear
  8. Naeun always misunderstood because he did not like a lot of talk over the name but she is a sweet girl
  9. Naeun ideal type is a manly and honest
  10. Modeling Naeun is BOA, S.E.S, FIN.K.L
  11. Misfortune Naeun is when he changed the answer initially in tests that finally answers the one who originally banar
  12. Naeun very caring for her hair and she likes long hair
  13. Naeun bad habits is often touch his hair
  14. Naeun like sad music
  15. The music is heard every day is a reflection of his emotions
  16. Naeun like looking through a window
  17. Naeun want to be friends with Loo Soo Geun and Tak Jae Hoo
  18. Kesukaaan colors are black and red wine
  19. Favorite number is 1
  20. Naeun liked all the food, he's not the type to voters
  21. The preferred type of film is a tragedy or anything sad
  22. Motto to live "Come enough to work hard in order to regret later"
  23. Naeun blood type is B
  24. Naeun never win arm wrestle against the CEO who uses one finger (CEO) against His wrist (Naeun)
  25. Naeun have a sister who is now in Grade 8 (2011)
  26. School Naeun: TK Junhyun - SD Unbuk - Chungdam Middle - School Apgujung - Seoul High School Performance
  27. Naeun is currently studying in the same school with Namjoo (Seoul High Performance)
  28. Hobbinya Naeun is Drawing
  29. Naeun happy to think or create works of art while listening to music
  30. Naeun describes him as boring and not clear
  31. Naeun always misunderstood because he did not like a lot of talk over the name but she said she is a sweet girl
  32. Naeun ideal type is someone with the personality of a male and a honest person.
  33. Modeling Naeun is BoA, S.E.S, FIN.K.L
  34. Misfortune Naeun is when he changed the answer initially in tests that ultimately it is the first correct answer.
  35. Naeun very caring for her hair and she likes his hair long
  36. Frequently touch the hair is a bad habit Naeun
  37. Naeun like sad music
  38. Music heard Naeun every day is a reflection of his emotions
  39. Naeun like looking through a window
  40. Naeun want to be friends with Lee SooGeun and Tak JaeHoo 1N2D
  41. Naeun favorite colors are black and red wines.
  42. Figures A Naeun is 1
  43. Naeun liked all the food. He's not the type of voter.
  44. Type Naeun movie is a tragedy or anything depressing.
  45. Naeun motto is "Come worked hard enough so as not to regret later ''
  46. Naeun - Junhyung it is the most popular pairing of the Beast-Pink
  47. Naeun Gikwang same same "awkward pas MV filming 'I dont Know' #
  48. Naeun it only auditioned once, and he was going to sing wonder girls - sorry heart fitting audition
  49. Naeun close to Woori Rainbow
  50. Many say Naeun the "best girl", she does not want it and want more known to itself
  51. Naeun is a horror film lovers
  52. Naeun is that most people like fairies than others

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APink Nam Joo Profile and Fact

APink Nam Joo - As you have read the title above, APink Nam Joo Profile and Fact, here I will give some information about one of the members of the girl group named APink, and a member of Apink that I discuss here, namely Nam Joo, some information about Nam Joo, such as the profile Joo Nam, Nam Joo Facts and information about Namjoo will I give here, please read.

APink Nam Joo Photos
APink Nam Joo Photos
Apink Nam Joo Profile
Kim Nam-joo (Hangul: 김남주; hanja: 金南珠 born in Seoul, South Korea, 15 April 1995, age 21 years) is a South Korean singer and actress. In 2007, at age 13, he starred in a TV commercial for a brand of healthy food. He joined through an audition Cube Cube Entertainment Party 2010 and became one of the last member of Apink untuj dioerkenalkan before the debut of the group. Kim entered the Seoul Performing Arts High School and graduated in February 2014. Together with his band members throughout Eun-ji and Jang Hyun-seung from Beast, he released the single "A Year Ago" from project A Cube For Season #White on January 3, 2013 to commemorate the success of their respective groups. In 2014, he performed at the "Seoul Lonely" along with hip-hop trio Phantom on some music programs. In 2015, Kim became a student at Sungkyunkwan University Department of Performing Arts.

In March 2015, Kim joined Tutoring Across Generations in MBC replace Lee Tae-im, but the event was postponed on April 2 after 21 episodes due to failure rating. On June 2, 2015, she released a duet with Yook Sungjae of the band BtoB, "Photograph", as part of a single album project Cube Entertainment A Cube For Season #Blue Season 2. In September 2015, she was cast in the drama of 8 episodes Naver Web TV cast Investigator Alice, which was released in October, in which he plays a detective Chun Yeon-joo. Kim and Yoon anggpta se-group performing on Sugar Man as Apink BNN on October 20. Later, Nam Joo was featured in rapper Damiano song "Sweet Now", which was released on October 28.

Apink Nam Joo Bios
Real name : Kim Nam Joo (김남주)
Stage name : Nam Joo (남주)
Date Of Birth : 15 April 1995
Height / Weight : 165 cm/46kg
Blood type : B
Position : Leader Vocal,Leader rapper
School : Seoul Arts High School
Skills : Dancing,Singing
Twitter : http://twitter.com/Apinkknj

A-Pink Nam Joo Fact
  1. Kim Nam Joo is a South Korean singer, dancer and actress.
  2. He is a member of the popular K-pop group A Pink.Height 165 cm and weighs 46 kg.
  3. Place of birth, ethnicity, real names and stories as a child
  4. He was born in Seoul, South Korea and South Korean nationality from birth.
  5. His real name is Kim Nam Joo.
  6. Blood type: B
  7. Label: A Cube Entertainment
  8. Chinese name: 金南珠
  9. Nam Joo is an only child
  10. Nam Joo school is kindergarten Dongmyun, Wonmyung elementary, junior Seoul, Seoul high school performance
  11. Hobbies Nam Joo is imitating others, learn coordination and dancing, singing and eating
  12. Nam Joo describes himself are active, cheerful and friendly
  13. Modeling Nam Joo Lee Hyori, while Group idolized is S.E.S and FIN.K.L
  14. Nam Joo type of ideal man is a man without a double crease of the eye with a nice facial expressions
  15. Nam Joo bad habit is often said "A E I O U" (some people believe that the said A E I O U can eliminate facial swelling)
  16. When it came to the topic of music, Nam Joo never fails to download and listen to the song hit the top
  17. Nam Joo is close to senior 4 Minute
  18. Nam Joo like spicy foods and artificial mother boiled Kimchi
  19. Nam Joo's favorite color is purple and Pink
  20. Nam Joo's favorite number is 3
  21. Nam Joo like a funny movie earlier this sekarng him like a sad movie and mysterious
  22. Motto to live "Let's do our best every time"
  23. Known as a tireless encouragement in groups.
  24. His fanclub name is pink Panda.
  25. religion is Roman Catholic.
  26. Shoe size is 23.5 cm.
  27. long hair style.
  28. When he was thirteen, she appeared in a TV commercial.
  29. her nickname is the Goddess Naemjyu.
  30. She sang Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" in the audition.
  31. Nam Joo Instrument Piano
  32. Nam Joo's favorite food is spicy chicken, pork, kimchi and soup
  33. Nam Joo's favorite color is purple and pink
  34. A movie Nam Joo is sad and mysterious
  35. Role Model: S.E.S., Fin K.L., Lee Hyori
  36. Nam Joomempunyai nature Very active, cheerful and friendly
  37. Nam Joo hobby is dancing, singing and eating with gusto
  38. She made her debut in 2011 as a member of Apink.
  39. In addition to Apink, Nam joo also active as an actress.
  40. Position in Apink: Lead singer and rapper
  41. Years active: 2011-present
  42. Status: Single
  43. TV Shows: Win Win (2010 & 2012) Miracle of Christmas (2010) 2 Days & Night (2012)
  44. Discography: Une Annee (2012), Pink Memory (2015)
  45. Awards: Snow Pink (2016)
  46. He studied at Seoul Middle School and later at the Seoul Performing Arts High School.
  47. Nam joo then majored in Acting at Sungkyunkwan University and now studying there.

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Apink - Profile Bios and Fact of A pink Members

A Pink (에이 핑크) is a Korean Girl Band formed by A Cube Entertainment (now called Plan A Entertainment) in 2011. Beginning this group dibentu has seven members. But one of their members, namely Hong Yokyung out because want to go to college and want to resume a normal life. A pink now remaining six members are Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo and Hayoung.

Before the group's debut album, March 11, 2011 A Pink dislah Cube introduces a celebrity star event TrendE TV channels, Cube includes a documentary about the process of hiring personnel, profile and vision of members of A Pink. Among the celebrity guests who attended the event include G.NA, Mario, MBLAQ's Seung Ho & G.O, Beast, 4Minute, 2 AM's Jinwoon, and Secret's Sunhwa and Hyosung.

Their first album entitled "Seven Springs of A Pink" was released 13 April 2011, which contains five songs including Seven Springs of A Pink, I Do not Know, It Girl, gifted, and the Boo. The song I Do not Know chosen as their first single and video release of 19 April 2011 in collaboration with the handsome dancer Lee Gi-kwang.

Apink Latest Photos
Apink Latest Photos
Group Name: Apink
Label: Plan A Entertainment
Genre: Kpop
Origin: Seoul
Debut: 13 April 2011
Years Active: 2011 to present
Official fanclub name: Pink Panda
Official Website: http://www.a-cube.co.kr/apink
Official Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/acubeent
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Apink_2011
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Official.Apink2011

A Pink member profile 

Chorong A Pink
Real name: Park Chorong (박 초롱)
Stage name: Chorong (초롱)
Date of birth: March 3, 1991
Height / Weight: 165 cm / 46 kg
Blood type: O
Position: Leader, rapper, vocal play
School: Chungbuk High School
Skills: Taekwondo, Dancing
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Apinkpcr

Bomi A Pink
Real name: Yoon Bomi (윤보미)
Stage name: Bomi (보미)
Date of birth: August 13, 1993
Height / Weight: 163 cm / 45kg
Blood type: O
Position: Leader Dance, Vocal play
Skills: Dancing, Singing
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Apinkbm

A Pink Eunji
Real name: Jung Eun Ji (정혜림)
Stage name: Eun Ji (은지)
Date of birth: August 18, 1993
Height / Weight: 164 cm / 47 kg
Blood type: B
Position: Vocal Leader
Skills: Piano
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Apinkjej

A pink Naeun
Real name: Son Na Eun (손 나은)
Stage name: Naeun (나은)
Date of birth: 10 February 1994
Height / Weight: 168 cm / 47kg
Blood type: O
Position: Vocalist, Leader Dance, Visual
Skills: Piano

Nam Joo A Pink
Real name: Kim Nam Joo (김남주)
Stage name: Nam Joo (남주)
Date of birth: 15 April 1995
Height / Weight: 165 cm / 46kg
Blood type: B
Position: Vocal Leader, Leader rapper
School: Seoul Arts High School
Skills: Dancing, Singing
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Apinkknj

Hayoung A Pink
Real name: Oh Hayoung (오하영)
Stage name: Hayoung (하영)
Date of birth: July 19, 1996
Height / Weight: 167 cm / 46kg
Blood type: O
Position: Maknae, Main Vocal
Skills: Sewing
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Apinkohy

Facts A-PINK Terlengkap
  1. In the midst of Girl Group Sexy and Powerful, A pink categorized as "Angel / Dolls"
  2. A member once said to be the Beast pink but now called Fairies
  3. A major top priority, Pink is the food
  4. Eunji is the last member to be added to the Group
  5. Makers and the atmosphere is Eunji Namjoo
  6. Chorong shy people are not even the kind of person who introduced himself during the trainee
  7. Chorong once made Hayoung cry
  8. Hayoung the cry is always associated with Chorong
  9. Bomi love Zombie movies and anything that haunted therein
  10. Naeun is a member of the most fairy-like than others
  11. Naeun has studied art for 10 years and then he fell in love with dance and consider it to be a singer
  12. Hayoung feel alone all the time, because he was an only child
  13. One of his favorite joke is "whether Eunji eonni hatch from an egg?"
  14. One dream A pink is holding a concert when they are 40 years of age
  15. Although A Pink is the new Group they actually already have future plans
  16. Fans Club A Pink is Pink Panda