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APink Bomi Profile and Fact

APink Bomi - As you have read the title above, APink Bomi Profile and Fact, here I will give some information about one of the members of the girl group named APink, and a member of Apink that I discuss here, namely Bomi, some information about Bomi, such as the Bomi, Profile, Facts and information about Bomi will I give here, please read. 

Apink Bomi Latest Photos
Apink Bomi Latest Photos
Apink Bomi Profile
Yoon Bo-mi (Hangul: 윤보미; hanja: 尹 普 美, born in Suwon, South Korea, August 13, 1993; age 23 years) is an American actress, singer, dancer, and model South Korea. He is a member of the girl group Apink. He has one older brother, Yoon Sun-mi, and one sister, Yoon Jong-jin. He entered high school and later Girls Youngshin Korea Arts High School, where he graduated in February 2012. He came out of the college to concentrate on the music.

In 2012, Yoon doing a cameo appearance in Reply 1997, where she played a teenage version of Moon Jeong-mi, mother Yoon Yoon-jae. He became MC in variety show Weekly Idol on July 17, 2013 to July 8, 2015. At the end of 2013, she appeared in the music video of K-Hunter "Marry Me" and appeared in the song hip-hop group M.I.B "Let's Talk About You". He was instrumental in the variety show The Human Condition in 2014 and appeared in a special event MBC Real Men women at the beginning of 2015. In 2015, he performed preformance David Oh debut song "I Know, I Know," which was released on May 11, and, on June 16, released a duet together Im Seulong titled "Lovely" to show varieties Some Guys, Some Girls. He later appeared in a digital single Yoon Hyun-sang "Let's Eat Together", which was released on September 24; He also starred in the music video of his. In September 2015 he was instrumental in web KBS drama Love Detective Sherlock K as a top star Yuna. Yoon and friends in the same group at the Sugar Man Kim appeared as Apink BNN on October 20. At last epidose for Weekly Idol in 2015, Yoon Boo-mi became the fourth guest MC after MC Jeong Hyeong-don hiatus. In January, members of his counterpart Yoon and Kim became the new MC of Tasty Road 2

A Pink Bomi Bios
Real name : Yoon Bomi (윤보미)
Stage name : Bomi (보미)
Date of Birth : 13 Agustus 1993
Height / Weight : 163 cm/45kg
Blood type : O
Position : Leader Dance,main Vocal
Skills : Dancing,Singing
Twitter :

APink Bomi Fact
  1. Bomi has a brother and sister both girls and guys
  2. Bomi school is kindergarten P Gosek, Gosek elementary, junior girls Youngshin, korea Arts High School
  3. During his junior high school's Bomi the girls' school
  4. Her hobbies are eating, listen to music, taekwondo, cheerleading
  5. Bomi describes herself as a shy child shy but active
  6. Bomi on cowowk first impression is important, so the ideal is a guy who looks good in the sight of the first and without a crease of the eye double
  7. Bomi role model is Lee Hyori
  8. Bomi bad habit was hand picked as Chorong
  9. Bomi love ballad singing
  10. Bomi call fashion style as "fashion neighbor"
  11. Bomi wanted to be friends with Tak Jaehyoon
  12. Bomi favorite food is Budae (Kimchi spicy stew, sausage and vegetables)
  13. Favorite color is red
  14. Favorite number is 3
  15. Moto life "let live without regrets"
  16. Kids 2nd of 3 siblings sister (Sunmi Yoon) and brother (Yoon Jongjin)
  17. Her hobbies are eating, listening to music, Taekwondo, and Cheerleading
  18. Taekwondo was already up to level 3 (black belt) .Bomi said here learn Taekwondo from kindergarten and he got a bronze medal in junior high. Since then she does not ever miss dapet gold medal in Taekwondo. Defence Bomi in Taekwondo is very nice so he's in the game to win against Kim Yeonwoo. Although his opponent guy, Bomi won with a score of 13-7.
  19. Famous for "Gorilla Walk" him and by Bomi, "Gorilla Walk" it is damaging his image.
  20. Bomi can also "Gorilla Dace".
  21. In addition to "Gorilla Walk", Bomi can also "Camel Walk" and "Cheetah Walk"
  22. Bomi school in kindergarten 'Gosek', SD 'Gosek', girls' junior 'Youngshin' SMA 'Korea Arts'
  23. His favorite color is red
  24. Figures favorite is number 3
  25. Her favorite food is Budae
  26. Bomi describes herself as a shy child, shy, but active
  27. Role model is Lee Hyori
  28. Bomi call fashion style with 'Fashion Neighbors'
  29. Bomi first impression on men it is important that the ideal type is someone who looks good at first glance and without the double eyelid
  30. Minhwan 'FT.ISLAND' make Bomi as his ideal type
  31. Bomi love songs Ballad
  32. Bomi love zombie films and horror
  33. Bomi wanted to be friends with Tak Jaehoon
  34. The bad habit is, raised his hand as Chorong
  35. Bomi motto is "Come live without regrets"
  36. Before debut, Bomi is a tomboy child
  37. The only members of A Pink is a nickname for Bomi is Eunji nickname is 'Bbom'
  38. Bomi audition to 3 times
  39. Bomi had a dog named Yeppeo but the dog died when aniv A Pink to 100 days. Bomi feel very depressed at that time and she cries alone because it was feeling lost.
  40. Bomi has a unique way of laughing (a little put out his tongue)
  41. Bomi known by the nickname "YoonRilla" was selected for "Gorilla Walk" was
  42. One day Bomi once said that if he did look like an alien when their stage debut
  43. Bomi can break some plywood with bare hands
  44. When the MV filming 'I Do not Know', Bomi tried the door, but when opened, the door suddenly fell
  45. When Bomi was a kid, he loved to play ball with her male friend
  46. Bomi often selca with his typical funny pose (puffed out his cheeks / fish bowl selcas)
  47. Bomi never revealed on the show "Weekly Idol" and "Strong Heart" that she ever fart in front Woohyun 'Infinite' while at the same salon and pretended to sleep when fart in front Woohyun 'Infinite'. Woohyun responding to incidents fart Bomi wisely. Woohyun send short video messages in Bomi and said that he believed it was only the sound generated by the sound of chairs scraping the skin
  48. Daegeon 'F.CUZ' like Bomi
  49. Bomi ever selca with Cube Entertainment CEO
  50. The special message is "Do not fart in a public place"
  51. Ideal type is that treated him well and not bought expensive items
  52. Bomi can beatbox
  53. Bomi her high school graduation on the 12th of February 2012
  54. Bomi high school cheerleaders join the team and Bomi feel the burden also leads dance so although there is pride too. This is because he feels the same NamJoo Chorong also dancer2 terrific Apink. Chorong and Namjoo uda ngedance since childhood.
  55. Bomi frequent sparring opponent Chorong cuman she feels she does not stronger than Chorong because Chorong strength is not as imagined, Chorong very strong. Chorong often joking banging plasticity but Bomi Bomi feel Chorong punches that hurt.
  56. Because Bomi is a taekwondo master, she asked who Apink members who want to protect him? Bomi said she want to be a guardian for Naeun sanget Naeun feminine and popular.
  57. Bomi is known as visual cute and taekwondo master. But according to his own Bomi, she is actually very tomboyish. Since childhood mama always calling Bomi Bomi typical guy with the nickname. Well because now he was nicknamed "Fairy Idol" by many people, so instead he feel strange ajah by that name.
  58. While still in school, Bomi said she does not ever ngerajut etc. (a common thing to learn girls) but he always plays kejar2an and play ball with his friends that guy. She is very tomboyish first.
  59. Bomi learned Taekwondo since the age of 8 years old and he is in level 3 (3 and). He is a black belt.
  60. Ryewook commend Bomi that husky voice, he says sexy.
  61. Bomi learned to write songs for a long time, he studied sedikit2 and here there listener who want ngedengerin song creation Bomi.Dan songs by Bomi here actually he made for boys. Ryeowook plasticity like the song and want to sing that song.
  62. Because Bomi never nunjukin gag body gorilla in one sport event idol, the image he's so broken. And for ngerubah image that he says want diem from now on, he want to kayak Yookyung and Naeun ajah calm. Chorong openly say if Bomi way to change the image as they are still too far away.
  63. Finally, because they can not be muted jelas2 kayak Yookyung Naeun, Bomi decided to give up and will continue the same consistent style behavior cutenya cutenya although it likes to make the same Eunji Chorong ngeliatnya lazy too, haha.
  64. Bomi favorite song is Mollayo (I do not Know). And here she sings her part. Kan last lyric "annajullae" .. well this Bomi style ngucapinnya contrived so cute while geleng2 head.
  65. In one of their shows were divided into 2 groups, the first group Eunji Chorong Naeun and the third group NamJoo same Bomi Hayoung. They will diplay-in song and told nereakin Mr.Chu fans2 fanchant of them when performing. Eunji team winning and losing team NamJoo, haha. Eunji same faseh Chorong really niruin fanchant Mr.Chu because other, equally Naeun that mong ajah from the start, haha. * Oya..fanchant'nya Apink really exciting for me especially the Mr.Chu. If you never see them perform at SBS (they wear western style school uniforms ala2) plasticity of the fanboy Apink on toak bring small pink for fanchant's. So even though the little voice dateng tetep kenceng chingu, bagus..haha strategy. I've always liked ngedengerin fanchant2 Apink fans. Especially the last part that "yongwonhi saranghae..yongwonhi hamkkehae, yongwonhi urineun Ei-Ping-Keu ~!".
  66. There are viewers from Australia who asked Bomi aegyo and that he sang gwiyeomi song.
  67. So gamesnya Bomi asked ngasi gesture or sound that refer to a particular animal and Donie same Konie Ilhoon must guess. First Bomi meragain same animal puppy kitten. He somehow too cute but shy ga, ga jaim was because he dared also meragain hewan2 ga cute gorilla ampe eg total really. He also ga shy meragain his camels until bergelombang2 so. He niruin camel's gait until very similar. He also total meragain same crocodile fish until jatoh wake. Until nempel2 wall laba2 meragain cuman really unlucky ga ketebak each other, haha. Also until cartwheels head under meragain bat. * During the weekly Seeing that there bominya idol, I think he was the man ga Maluan and total chingu. Bomi if I clay person is, not the type who likes to keep the image. The proof she does not shy gorilla meragain used in awal2 despite her age Mollayo sempet want to change the image as I said earlier, haha. And I guess no idol girl jarang2 se-cool Bomi, which ga jaim.
  68. There's always the same question if Xiumin EXO Dongwoon Teen Top was a schoolgirl fitting High School and one of them took my art department, now the question is which of the child Umin or Dongwoon art. Bomi wondered if the child Xiumin Art for Art teachers face like he said, haha. While she thought the child Dongwoon IPA gegara according to her face like a science teacher, haha. Well Bomi one Xiumin guess because he thought the child was a child turns Art IPA. * If you have read in the album XOXO, in a written reply Xiumin profile subjects that he likes is Mathematics and cita2nya so Architects, ga surprised actually because he was a child IPA chingu. Naturally, if it was him calm, not much of the way. As far as I anak2 IPA orang2nya like that anyway. Another equally noisy IPS my child ga karu2an, hahaha *
  69. In this episode Bomi ngasi some questions to Eunji through telephone, the same banyak2an Ilhoon. Ilhoon own telephone his friend, Park Ji Bin (her sister Geum Jan Di in BBF). Ga I have thought the same if Ilhoon sepantaran Ji Bin.
  70. Bomi same temenan Park Gyeong Block B gegara same mother Bomi Park Gyeong deket friends.
  71. Bomi one guessing here. So there is a question about Chanyeol. Masi fitting Chanyeol first school ever to race cross dressing (wear clothes and grooming girls so girls) and then he say if he was born again and become a girl, she would like someday to marry someone whose face looked like him. Bomi one guessing as he wondered Chanyeol want to be sexy dancer + singer, haha.
  72. Among all idol girl, according to Donie, Bomi is the most cute.
  73. Tim Bomi who cry gegara kicked in the face at his opponent. Bomi plasticity most attention because he immediately take a small towel so create a sort of ngusap the child's tears. He also terus2an beside the little boy. The child was crying gegara ga behenti really sick he said. He terus2 ngusap induces tears and do not cry anymore and ngelanjutin game. The child's mother was asked about the incident and he told me he was proud of his son, no matter what happens he is proud of his son. Bomi who ngedenger immediately cry so. She was moved and reached out tears TT. After that the mother ngebujuk follow the child for playing again. Opponents who kick had also apologized and said "I'll ga at the head again so let's play anymore" and finally the boy would ngelanjutin game. Kind heart Bomi TT. Tapi ending Bomi team lost gegara temen2nya others like Fabien lose but I salute and recognize the greatness of Bomi in Taekwondo. He bener2 competent in that game. You know Fabien? He is a French guy is an athlete Taekwondo (black belt as well) and had been a champion of Taekwondo in Europe. He is now again in Korea, Korean language fluently really cool. Last week he plays Running Man also with Bomi and Naeun (ep 202).
  74. Apink ever dateng military base camp in Kyunggi-Do. They sing to the laki2 who were conscripts. Boisterous atmosphere really gegara oppa2 there loves each Apink. There oppa that when the cameras tereak vigorously "Bomi..ini oppa..saranghae!". * Seems fans Bomi loads among oppa2 draftee. This event laki2 all gegara audience who came Apink, haha. Apink now so representation Korean girls you see. Where there Apink certainly there is the Panda Boys😀
  75. Bomi feel when a guy is trying to take off his tie a little rough because of fatigue home from work is a sexy guy.
  76. Apink Bomi and all members agreed that if they like guys with big hands mengucek2 their heads.
  77. Apink Bomi and all members agree if they like the guy who talked about the future.
  78. Bomi and Eunji like a guy who is very handsome and they want to ignore all of the origin of the benar2 very handsome guy.
  79. Bomi stronger than manager oppa. Bomi quibble "ga anyway, I'm the same manager oppa same strength, setengah2" but after that he ngerusakin nameplate create wide syting news, which immediately broke torn so. Direct dah tuh gentle girl image that she would wake up ancur instantly, haha.
  80. Apink dapet nickname Beast idol gegara Bomi ability imitating gorilla, haha. Bomi is known as Rilla Yoon😀. Bomi ga shy create demonstrate the ability to mimic the gorilla was even until ngedance No No No gorilla version in this event, haha. * It's the reason I like Bomi as well, only this time I find any idol girl watch ga image..mau ngedance gorilla despite their concept fairy idol sweet, cool ~ *
  81. For recording Mr.Chu, Bomi personally believes if he sang secute Mr.Chu should probably secute by combining voice and body language are also very cute when recording. He hoped that he recorded the song could sound so cute later as the intent of the song.
  82. It is 100% Truth time event where masing2 members came forward and they were asked about the same member2 something else and they need helps to answer honestly. Bomi dapet first innings and Keith apa2 he's already ngakak.Bomi type ga keep the image, if you want to laugh ya laugh ajah though style is very far ketawanya equal his idol fairy concept Apink calm dewi2 innocent like that if you want to laugh ajah should pelan2 , ha ha. But there is a side politely Bomi too, runs laughing that he immediately said sorry, haha.
  83. Eunji nanya to Bomi what he felt disappointed hal2 akhir2. Bomi says that he for some time there is a schedule of individual and usually the members ngasi spirit through sms with "eonni, if all went well?" But akhir2 the sms there's nothing except the same Eunji Hayoung, so Bomi bit disappointed.
  84. Eunji nanya more about the foods that are now favored Bomi. Bomi favorite food is budae jjigae cuman akhir2 why I think she does not attracted the same food again, is there the food was interesting Bomi now? Bomi say if now he's more like a triangle Kimbap very same direct .All ngakak ajah denger Bomi too honest answer was, haha. Triangle kimbap is simple food uda ngebuat he fell in love because it simply. This is because now Bomi again many schedules as well, so Kimbap a simple meal right. Bomi like a lot of sense, he is like a triangle kimbap with spicy sauce, kimchi mapun tuna.
  85. Eunji certainly had acquaintances actor guy because he used to play a lot of drama, asked Eunji Namjoo introduce one of the actors was to them. Bomi directly tereak "In Sung..Jo Jo In Sung" vigorously. It seems Bomi ngefans really the same Jo In Sung and want Eunji ngenalin to them. But Eunji refused because for him Jo In Sung is oppa should he protecting,
  86. Namjoo asked to choose friendship or love at Bomi. For example Bomi want jatoh to sea he nyelamatin Bomi or girlfriend, Namjoo said would nyelametin Bomi #sosweet. Bomi directly deh monangis and said saranghamnida to adeknya the Namjoo.
  87. Bomi same Naeun appear on Running Man ep 202. He's the same team Gary. Pas asked Gary ideal type of guy like how Bomi Bomi that helps to answer the same if he loves Yoo Jae Suk. Bomi said he was very cool, very good. According to Bomi, Yoo Jae Suk is indeed the person what we see on the screen / in both the camera and not just the same. Naeun also agree with it. Gary said if a guy is good to all the girls instead of having an attractive ga yah. But Bomi tetep ajah ngebela Yoo Jaesuk and say if Jaesuk interesting anyway despite that, haha. Bomi plasticity loves Yoo Jaesuk same figure. In addition to National MC (MC no.1) in Korea, Yoo Jaesuk is also much admired women in Korea because of his character that weve really interesting as laki2. Humorous, honest, clever, considerate, good at all and competen buildup in Korean entertainment (all around artist, can ngemcee, ngelawak, singing, ngedance etc.). She became the ideal husband in Korea even so the ideal type for the young wanita2 / usia2 college. If you watch the Running Man ep 176 loads Korean college age girl who loves the same Yoo Jaesuk and says he is the ideal type for their partners. There is even a Korean ampe cewek2 crying gegara Yoo Jaesuk marriage.
  88. Bomi close to Jiyoon '4 Minute'
  89. Bomi is keen on horseback
  90. Bomi is Mania Mountaineering. He never went to the manager and the company, and he loved it.
  91. Bomi ideal type is someone who can give him a 'feeling' at the sight.
  92. If Naeun own brother, Naeun choose Bomi as a member to be introduced to his brother.
  93. Bomi explain "face without make-up is not bad. It's just a different beauty. "Bomiwithoutmakeup
  94. There is a corner in Sukira where fans can ask idol to do something for them. Bomi asked to do imitations Gorilla. But because the company did not want him to do it again (because of their fairy image) so he just imitating the sound of a gorilla.
  95. Bomi message to Woohyun Infinite: "You also may fart in front of me"
  96. Bomi ever duet song Oops ( with Ilhoon (Bomi Ilhoon beat boxing and rap)
  97. Want to have a guy who can make a delicious Budae (favorite food Bomi) .But men who can make budae not the ideal type
  98. Bomi is very bad in preparing and packing goods for air-pergian (he even put a toothbrush in his wallet).
  99. The original dream is to become a Korean national taekwondo athlete.
  100. Bomi shower irregular and sometimes the other members can not stand it.
  101. Bomi is one member APink are not weepy.
  102. Bomi like Rookie Boy group Bangtan Boys (BTS)
  103. Bomi father never appeared on the show Apink News and Mamamia
  104. Bomi body is very resilient.
  105. Bomi never tried Indian curry flavor toothpaste
  106. Bomi become a model K-Hunter video clips titled "Marry Me"
  107. Bomi ever get flour at KBS Crisis Escape Number One
  108. Bomi selected as the "First Love Idol" because he looks like a first love male idols. (Based on the selection of the male idol)
  109. Bomi is M.I.B duet partner on the song 'Let's Talk About You'
  110. Bomi close to the MIB. He even called 5zic when Speed ​​Quiz in shows Super Junior's Kiss The Radio.
  111. Bomi also called Kyung when Speed ​​Quiz on the show Weekly Idol.
  112. Jr. (GOT7) is a fan of Bomi.
  113. Bomi and Chorong never lived together before their debut.
  114. Before debut Bomi CUBE Academy joined together Jeongmin 'Boyfriend'.
  115. One room with Chorong Bomi and Eunji in their new dorm.
  116. Never a cameo in the drama 'Reply 1997' in episode 9 together Chorong.
  117. Bomi create a song with the title of 'Hello Goodbye' but still not completely release, never sung on Weekly Idol and Super Junior's Kiss the Radio.
  118. Bomi said she was the type of woman that when she likes someone, he will immediately express his feelings.
  119. Bomi chose Lee Hyori if he can exchange with one's soul.
  120. Bomi want to learn English and Japanese.
  121. The hardest thing in life becomes an idol for Bomi is trained himself not to eat a lot (because Bomi like to eat).
  122. Bomi way to relieve stress is to walk on the edge of the Han River while listening to music and cry when watching a sad movie.
  123. Bomi want to collaborate with Sung Sikyung.
  124. For something to be proud Bomi is a volunteer.
  125. It is most preferred Bomi while in Canada is looking at the waterfalls and eat lots of good food.
  126. Lend a patch (a pain reliever) in Bomi is something to be proud for Naeun.
  127. Bomi like angry birth and often photographed with items that smelled angry birth

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