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APink Chorong Profile and Fact

APink Chorong - As you have read the title above, APink Chorong Profile and Fact, here I will give some information about one of the members of the girl group named APink, and a member of Apink that I discuss here, namely Chorong, some information about Chorong, such as the profile Chorong, Facts and information about Chorong will I give here, please read. 

APink Chorong Latest Photos
APink Chorong Latest Photos
APink Chorong Profile
Park Cho-rong (Hangul: 박 초롱, born in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, March 3, 1991, age 25 years) is a South Korean actress and singer, and leader of girl group Apink. He has two sisters, one brother and one sister. Chungbuk he entered high school. His father has a central Hapkido, and he studied hapkido submarine eight years, won the third warning black belt. Park auditioned for JYP Entertainment in 2009 and became a finalist. He was introduced to the public through the Japanese version of the music video "Shock" by Beast. He wrote the lyrics to the songs Apink "April 19th", "Love Story", "So Long", "Wanna Be" and "Dejavu".

Park made his acting debut in 2011 on All My Love at MBC, a South Korean sitcom. He then made a cameo appearance in a Korean drama Reply 1997 (2012) as a form of maternal age of 18 years Seong Si-won, Lee Il-hwa. In 2014, he earned his first major role as Han Soo-ah, a high school student known but mysterious in tvN drama, Plus Nine Boys. In 2015, Park made an appearance in the show varieties of Slim Pack Lunch.

APink Chorong Bios
Real name : Park Chorong (박초롱 )
Stage name : Chorong (초롱 )
Date of Birth : 3 Maret 1991
Height / Weight : 165 cm/46 kg
Blood type : O
Group : APink
Position : Leader, Rapper, Main vocal
School : Chungbuk High School
Skills : Taekwondo,Dancing
Twitter :

APink Chorong Fact
  1. Byungsul Chorong school is kindergarten, elementary Bukang, Middle, High School Chongbook
  2. His hobbies are watching movies, doing the dishes, Hapkido
  3. Chrong describe as a shy person at first, but she was very friendly person
  4. Chorong actually auditioned in JYP but accepted by Cube and become a trainee
  5. Chorong Like skinny guy with no double eye crease and manly personality
  6. Modeling Chorong is BOA and S.E.S
  7. Chorong had the bad luck that fell ill before an important job or gig
  8. Chorong had a habit of lifting his hands but late answer
  9. Chorong enjoy the music Pussycat Dolls and Beyonce
  10. Chorong prefers rubber boots and always wearing casual clothes
  11. Chorong ever stayed in dormnya G.NA for 8 months, so he considers G.NA is very close celebrity friends
  12. Chorong like chicken, ice and bread
  13. Chorong favorite color is Pink and Red
  14. Figures A Chorong are 3 and 7
  15. Chorong like fil action
  16. His motto is "Do not start if you know you're going to give up"
  17. Chorong blood type is O
  18. Chorong born March 3, 1991
  19. Chorong is part of APINK
  20. Chorong is the leader of APINK
  21. School Chorong: TK Byungsul - SD Bukang - Middle - High School Choongbook
  22. Chorong hobby is watching movies, doing the dishes, Hapkido
  23. Chorong describes herself as a very shy person at first but actually he was friendly.
  24. Chorong actually auditioned for JYP but accepted by Cube and become a trainee.
  25. In fanfiction Chorong often paired with the EXO Suho K, Woohyun Infinite, Yongguk BAP, Donghyun Boyfriend and Kris EXO M
  26. Chorong Like skinny guy without the eye crease with a double and a male personality
  27. Modeling Chorong is BoA and S.E.S
  28. Misfortune Chorong are falling ill before an important job or gig.
  29. Chorong bad habits are lifted his hand and replied late.
  30. Chorong enjoy the music of Beyonce and the Pussycat Dolls
  31. Chorong more like sneakers than in high heels and always wear casual clothing.
  32. Chorong stay in dormnya G.NA for 8 months so he considers G.NA is very close celebrity friends.
  33. Chorong like chicken, ice cream, and bread.
  34. Chorong favorite color is pink, and red.
  35. Figures A Chorong are 3 and 7.
  36. Chorong like action movies
  37. Chorong motto is 'Do not start if you know you'll give up'
  38. Couple Chorong in MV "Skinny Baby" is the Beast Yoseob
  39. Chorong prefer to wear sneakers (running shoes) than high heels
  40. Chorong sister girl got her name SeungHee
  41. Chorong never auditioned for JYP in 2009 the same unison SISTAR Dasom
  42. Chorong said she was a country girl warm. but other members said she was a person who was cold and awful
  43. Chorong choose Gikwang as a member that he feels most comfortable because just a different one than the other members taun
  44. According to him Chorong the plasticity of the youngest among them all when he was the age of the oldest
  45. Chorong fastest whose name is ready "in the morning
  46. Chorong says panda eyes + high it really ribetin
  47. Although it looks soft, but Chorong was really good at hip hop dance
  48. Chorong is a very shy person even not the kind of person who introduced himself during the trainee.
  49. Chorong once made Hayoung cry

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APink Chorong Profile and Fact
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