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APink Eunji Profile and Fact

APink Eunji - As you have read the title above, APink Eunji Profile and Fact, here I will give some information about one of the members of the girl group named APink, and a member of Apink that I discuss here, namely Eunji, some information about Eunji, such as the profile Eunji, Eunji Facts and information about will I give here, please read-read 

Apink Eunji Latest Photos
Apink Eunji Latest Photos
APink Eunji Profile
Jung Eun-ji (Korean: 정은지; birth name Jung Hye-rim, was born in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea, August 18, 1993; age 23 years), is a singer and actress idol South Korea. He is the lead singer in the vocal group of women Apink, and has been acting in television dramas namely Reply 1997 (2012), That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013), "Reply 1994" (2013), Trot Lovers (2014) and Sassy , Go Go (2015).

Jung Eun-ji was born with the name Jung Hye-rim in Haeundae, Busan, on August 18, 1993. He entered kindergarten Hapdo, Shinjae elementary, junior high and high school Jaesong Hyehwa. In 2004, Jung won the first place award in the program Excited Day Enjoyable Day (신나는 날 즐거운 날) hosted by KBS network.

A Pink Eunji Bios
Real name : Jung Eun Ji (정혜림)
Stage name : Eun Ji (은지)
Date of Birth : 18  Agustus 1993
Height / Weight : 164 cm/47 kg
Blood type : B
Group : APink
Position : Leader Vocal
Skills : Piano
Twitter : http://twitter.com/Apinkjej

APink Eun Ji Fact
  1. Eunji has a younger brother
  2. Nursery school Eunji is Habdo, Shinjae elementary, junior women Jaesong
  3. Eunji hobbies are playing the piano, imagining MV and scenarios
  4. Eunji described himself as optimistic and cheerful
  5. Eunji ideal man is a man without a double crease of the eye, good nose, and smiling faces were nice
  6. Role models are Eunji Lee Young Hyun and Gummy
  7. Eunji love songs Jennifer Hudson
  8. Places most visited by Eunji is a school in Busanb (academic music Busan)
  9. Eunji everyday style is baggy shorts, shirts, tight jeans, cardingan
  10. Eunji Kang celebrity friends and members Seungyoon 4 Minute
  11. Eunji want to be friends with Victoria f (x)
  12. Eunji favorite color is blue and red
  13. His favorite number is 25
  14. His favorite movie is Bruce Almighty
  15. His motto "let's think like a rose, so sharp like thorns and opens like a blossom"
  16. Eunji can sing, reaching 2.5 octave voice, the voice of his mouth Because good, so Main Vocal in Eunji Apink
  17. Friends fellow Hometown (BUSAN) is Superstar K2's Kang Seungyoon.
  18. Film passions Eunji is "Bruce Almighty"
  19. Eunji februari 2012 graduated from high school
  20. Eunji keep the school in Busan when her debut. he should be back and forth every day Seoul-Busan for her studies
  21. Eunji was gk use vocal training exercises direct to debut
  22. Bomi Eunji call by dialing "Bbom". Eunji is one "of his people who had a nickname for Bomi
  23. Eunji motto is: "Let's think like a rose. So sharp as thorns and opens like a blossom "
  24. Friends Eunji Kang Seungyoon celebrities and members of 4minute
  25. everyday style Eunji is: baggy shorts, shirts, tight jeans, cardigan
  26. The place most visited by Eunji is a school in Busan (Busan Music Academy)
  27. Eunji love songs Jennifer Hudson
  28. Eunji assume too much singing is a bad habit
  29. Role Model Eunji Lee YoungHyun and Gummy
  30. Men dream Eunji is someone without a double crease of the eye, good nose, and smiling faces were nice
  31. Eunji describes himself as an optimistic and cheerful
  32. Hobby Eunji is playing the piano, imagining MV and scenario
  33. School Eunji: TK Hapdo - SD Shinjae - Junior Women Jaesong
  34. Eunji had a younger brother named Jung Minki
  35. Eunji very good at making the atmosphere becomes warmer, the Happy Virus.
  36. Eunji born in busan
  37. Eunji shot by Seo in guk but Eunji refused.
  38. His favorite snack is a fried potato flour artificial mother.
  39. Food passions Eunji is a Korean-style food and Chiness.
  40. Eunji little time really like to follow the singing contest.
  41. Eunji originally wanted to be vocal trainer
  42. Eunji said people "on the say that busan accent was charming
  43. Eunji often really did not notice ngmng sattorinya accent, sometimes even longer fit filming too often let slip
  44. Eunji same loves dogs
  45. Simon D said Eunji it cute
  46. Eunji ga participate pas MV filming the beautiful beast
  47. Eunji record Hayoung snoring during 1menit 20min but Hayoung say if it's not him
  48. Apparently Jung Eun Ji has a father who is quite protective. As a result, she was furious when she saw her daughter kissing actor named Seo In Gook!
  49. Whereas personnel acted kiss A Pink was just acting. But the father still angry when he saw that scene in the tvN drama ANSWER ME, 1997, so hurry to call her daughter.
  50. "Oh, he was very angry. I tried to calm him and said that he saw was a kiss between a female character named Sung Si Won with his girlfriend, while I am his son, Jung Eun Ji. He replied, 'Yes I do, but on the screen it's your face?', "Commentator Eun Ji.
  51. Although it got a spray of anger from his father, but the scene that won praise from others. A Pink agency representative, Choi Jin Ho instead revealed that Eun Ji did it perfectly.
  52. beauty that is owned by one of the personnel of one of the famous girl group in Korea, 'A Pink', Jung Eun Ji, in fact, also has a very strange habit. Reportedly, he has a habit of walking in sleep.
  53. This was revealed by the Jung Eun Ji, when he became one of the guest stars, on a television program in Korea. According to Jung Eun Ji, he has a habit that is quite unique at the time he was fast asleep. With a blush, Jung Eun Ji said that he often slept Samil walk, and once he was awakened no more in place originally.
  54. Not only that, Jung Eun Ji also said that sometimes he was walking towards the kitchen to open the fridge and drinking water. In fact, one time he admitted that when he woke up he was in the living room. Though his knowledge actually sleep in his bedroom.
  55. It began he knew when his mother tells him what he was doing that, even though he admitted that he did so in a state of unconsciousness.
  56. Apparently Eunji possessed nickname "Lizzy second" of fans because it has similarities hometown and personality.
  57. His favorite color Red, Blue, Green
  58. Eunji have problems with dialect seoulnya
  59. Actually, the worst Eunji dancing in APink and often disrupt apink exercise.
  60. Eunji admitted never attended college taekwondo secretly without the knowledge of her mother
  61. In addition to kissing scene with actor Seo In guk, Eunji also been kissing scene with kim bum
  62. Eunji praised for beautiful sound from various artists like brave girls, SJ Heechul, Block B's Taeil, and Jinwoon 2am
  63. His favorite number 25
  64. Eunji play drama in Reply 1997, Tahath Winter The Wind Blows, trot lover
  65. In 2012, as a Eunji in Legally Blonde Elle Woods
  66. Eunj and Seo In Guk won best couple award and the top 10 stlye icon and also song ost All For You as the best in this year,
  67. ​​Eunji won the best new TV actress and The Rising Star award
  68. Eunj ever accidentally rip her clothes off while playing, and the other members covered by attaching a pin on her dress,
  69. Eunji want to be friends with Victoria F (x)
  70. Eunji tamapak together with Minah Girls Hyosung Power and secret
  71. Eunji admitted it was him rough and hard.
  72. Eunji Lee kwang soo and Niel teen top formed a group called "Fantastic"
  73. Eunji can rotate his ankle when he was wearing heels
  74. The last member Eunji actually entered in APink
  75. The first impression is a tomboy Bomi on Eunji
  76. Eunji and Naeun is a close friend of Woori Rainbows

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APink Eunji Profile and Fact
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