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Lee Min Ho Complete Fact 2016

In this occasion I will give you the facts about the actor named Lee min ho, okay just following are facts lee min ho complete.

Lee Min Ho Fact
1.Lee Min Ho was born on June 22, 19872.Lee Min Ho was born in Seoul, South Korea3.Lee Min Ho is a CancerLee Min Ho's agency 4.Tinggi 187 cmLee Min Ho 5.Berat weight 71 kgBlood 6.Golongan Lee Min Ho is A7.Lee Min Ho has a sister8.Cita - ideals Lee Min Ho as a child was to become a footballer9.Tapi injury in 5 th grade end the dream of Lee Min HoLee Min Ho 10.Pemain favorite is Cristiano RonaldoLee Min Ho 11.Julukan time SD "The black faces" because of his dark skin12.Waktu SMP "The Bone" because it is very thin13.Waktu SMA "Devil" because the very jail14.Hobi Lee Min Ho is watching movies, sports, gaming, play ball15.Makanan favorite Lee Min Ho is all kinds of meat, especially beef16.Jenis Lee Min Ho's favorite music is pop and ballads17.Lee Min Ho likes to read newspapers18.Lee Min Ho first learn Hangul (Korean letters) of the ad colorful writings in newspapers19.Lee Min Ho also like to comment on the news in the newspapers while still SD20.Lee Min Ho childhood classified as child-efficient21.Lee Min Ho always set aside a monthly allowance of 100 thousand Won (approximately 800 thousand rupiah) for savings22.Lee Min Ho pertained intelligent pupil23.Nilai mathematics Lee Min Ho consistently above 9024.Nilai sport Lee Min Ho also always got an A25.Lee Min Ho has an optimistic personality26.Jika told to choose and make priorities, first Lee Min Ho will choose his new friendship and loveThe first 27.Cinta Lee Min Ho was at the age of 20 years with a college friend28.Kebiasaan Lee Min Ho is like talking while sleeping29.Lee Min Ho is a smoker, but not a heavy smoker30.Lee Min Ho is not strong drink. Lee Min Ho drinking limit is 2 cups31.Saat filming, Lee Min Ho prefer to sleep than to eat32.Lee Min Ho like snacking33.Lee Min Ho could not swim34.Lee Min Ho Like with dogs35.Saat birthday to-22, Lee Min Ho get fancy rewards in the form of a laptop from fans36.Pada month of July 2012, Lee Min Ho was elected as the celebrity most interesting man in TV commercials for cosmetics brand37.Lee Min Ho including Koreans were allowed to opt in or conscription, because Lee Min Ho was the only son in his family38.Karena according to the regulations, every boy in Korea should follow the draft unless he was a boy the only one in the family39.Lee Min Ho including Korean celebrities who are very active in cyberspace40.Lee Min Ho debuted as an actor through the drama "Sharp" in 200341.Nama Lee Min Ho explode when Lee Min Ho become Lead Male in the drama "Boys Over Flowers" in 2009, Lee Min Ho played the Gu Jun Pyo42.Gu Jun Pyo is the leader of F4 and heir Group Shinhwa, the most powerful company in the country43.Lawan play Lee Min Ho in drama Boys Over Flowers is Goo Hye Sun44.Sebelum filming Boys Before Flowers, Lee Min Ho perming her hair up to five times to get the hair style of Goo Jun Pyo45.Sebenarnya Lee Min Ho did not like the hair style as it was or how to dress F4 which he overly formal46.Pendapat Lee Min Ho Hye Sun "The first time I saw Hye Sun, I could see that she was a woman who beraura, he as optimistic woman who has high confidence, I think eventually I was comfortable working with him"47.Lee Min Ho also has said that Hye Sun is a good woman, smart and playful48.Waktu filming Boys Before Flowers coincidence winter weather is moderate, Lee Min Ho ever caught was sharing a blanket with Hye Sun49.Lee Min Ho claimed to have moments that can not be forgotten along with Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho is time to sleep dibahu Hye Sun. Lee Min Ho said that when it was on the set no mattress50.Semenjak play in the drama Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho always get roles in many drama Male Lead51.Drama the starring Lee Min Ho always burst, for example, Personal Taste, City Hunter, Faith, and The Heirs52.Lawan play Lee Min Ho in drama Personal Taste is the Son Eon Jin, Lee Min Ho played the Jeon Jin Ho53.Jeon Jin Ho is a figure of a young ambitious perfectionist architect who acts as a gay man54.Di in the real world, Lee Min Ho said that if she was ever in the appraiser by a gay55.Lawan play Lee Min Ho in drama City Hunter is Park Min Young, Lee Min Ho played the Lee Yoon Sung56.Lee Yoon Sung is a figure of a man who wants to avenge his father's killer57.Lee Min Ho practice for two months to create a scene that seemed real judo and perfect58.Kabarnya in the real world, Lee Min Ho was involved in love with co-star location that is Park Min Young59.Bahkan their fans have nicknames for them ie "MinMin Couple"60.Tapi affectionate relationship Lee Min Ho and Min Young only last up to three months and they officially broke up61.Salah the media in China stated that relations Lee Min Ho and Min Young is just a hoax to raise the popularity of the drama they62.Lawan play in the drama Lee Min Ho Faith Kim Hee Sun, Lee Min Ho played the Choi Young63.Choi Young is a figure of soldiers loyal to King64.Drama Faith is the first drama Lee Min Ho is set in about History65.Lawan play Lee Min Ho in the drama The Heirs is Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho played the Kim Tan66.Kim Tan is the figure of the future heir in group Jeguk67.Banyak fans who envied the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye68.Fans too much to say that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye is ideal for couples in the real world so69.Semua clothes Lee Min Ho in use for the set of The Heirs, Lee Min Ho at auction for charity70.Lawan play Lee Min Ho in drama on average older than himself71.Contohnya: Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers) 3 years older than him, Son Eon Jin (Personal Taste) 5 years older than him, Park Min Young (City Hunter) 1 year older than him, Kim Hee Sun (Faith ) 10 years older than him72.Kalau choose drama, Lee Min Ho will choose a role that suits him and according to age73.Lee Min Ho get paid 3.4 million at first to be a model CF74.Kata Lee Min Ho, falling in love is one way to relieve stress75.Lee Min Ho is common in saying that she had plastic surgery76.Tipe Lee Min Ho ideal woman is a woman who has the self-confidence is very high and also a woman who has an unexpected side77.Lee Min Ho is a Korean celebrity getting the most followers in Weibonya Account78.Terhitung until the end of April 2015, Lee Min Ho Weibo followers already get 27 million users79.Weibo social media is Twitter-style "China"80.Dalam few years, Lee Min Ho has become the most popular Korean artist in China81.Lee Min Ho went Top 20 artists of the world most in love on Facebook82.Lee Min Ho known as "King of Facebook" from Asia83.Kalau filming the ad in an open place, Lee Min Ho often postpone filming her ads as many fans Lee Min Ho that can not be controlled84.Lee Min Ho donated 1.2 billion for victims of Nepal85.Lee Min Ho donated 606 million to Africa86.Banyak who praised Lee Min Ho because he was diligent donate87.Lee Min Ho was looking for her long legs88.Selalu in comparison with Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho said he did not mind if they have to compete acting89.Lee Min Ho never get 100 bids filming the drama, film, and advertising at the same time90.Lee Min Ho had met specifically with the president of South Korea as a representative of "Hallyu Star"91.Aktris senior Kim Sung Ryung and actor Lee Dong Wook said that Lee Min Ho is very handsome and tall92.Lee Min Ho ever paid 5 billion just to be a cameo in the series China93.Lee Min Ho had been a Korean actor who most want to kiss in Thailand94.Lee Min Ho admitted tired of playing the character of the rich95.Banyak fans who say that the charm of Lee Min Ho will never fade, although many new stars emerging96.Lee Min Ho earned the nickname "PRINCE OF ASIA"97.Pada 2015, Lee Min Ho played in the movie "Gangnam Blues", Lee Min Ho played the Kim Jong Dae98.Lee Min Ho had to lose weight in the film Gangnam Blues98.Waktu premier Gangnam Blues, many Korean celebrities who came as a form of support to Lee Min Ho, whom Kim Woo Bin, Park Shin Hye, Choi Jin Hyuk, Jung Il Woo, Kim Bum, Kang So Ra, and Suzy of Miss A99.Pada dated March 22, 2015, the agency Lee Min Ho and Suzy of Miss A to confirm if they are officially dating100.Lee Min Ho impressed closed to the public about the relationship, in contrast to Suzy. Suzy mala very open with the public101.Kalau most other celebrity couples who will suffer losses after getting caught on a date, Lee Min Ho and Suzy mala many advantages that received them after confirming their relationship102.Kabarnya Lee Min Ho is very keen to do PDKT on SuzySuzy 103.Alasan accept Lee Min Ho as Lee Min Ho is a very warm and caring104.Sung Si Kyung and Youngjae GOT7 is one of the celebrities who gutted for Lee Min Ho and Suzy courtship105.Setelah relations Lee Min Ho and Suzy confirmation, many Meme upset scattered in cyberspace106.Kim Woo Bin who is a friend of Lee Min Ho was surprised to learn of Lee Min Ho and Suzy courtship107.Waktu relations Lee Min Ho and Suzy confirmation, many fans who say that their partners are swapped. Supposedly Lee Min Ho with YoonA and Lee Seung Gi with Suzy108.Selebritis Korea ever filming the CF / advertising with Lee Min Ho among others Han Ji Hye, Jessica Gomes, Sandara of 2NE1, SNSD YoonA, Park Shin Hye, Goo Hye Sun, Kim Bum, Moon Geun Young, Park Min Young, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon, Son Dam Bi, Uee Afterschool, etc.109.Lee Min Ho once rumored to be dating a celebrity line of Korean women as Davichi's Kang Min Kyung, Park Bo Young, Goo Hye Sun, Moon Chae Won, Choi Eun Seo, Yoon Eun Hye, Seolhyun AOA, Park Shin Hye, SNSD YoonA110.Kutipan draw from Lee Min Ho "Do your best in all respects"

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Lee Min Ho Complete Fact 2016
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