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Lee Jong-suk Complete Fact 2016

In this occasion I will give you the facts about the actor named Lee Jong-suk, okay just following facts Lee Jong-suk complete.

Lee Jong-suk Complete Fact
1.Jong Suk was born on 14 September 1989.
2.Jong Suk is a Virgo.
Blood 3.Golongan Jong Suk is A.
4.Tinggi body Jong Suk 186 cm.
5.Berat body Jong Suk sekisaran 63-71 kg.
6.Jong Suk is the eldest of three brothers.
7.Jong Suk has a younger brother and sister.
8.Jong Suk less high than her brother.
9.Kalau Jong Suk fight with his brother, they hit each other head.
10.Kampung pages Jong Suk in Yongin, and since high school, living alone in Seoul.
11.Jong Suk debuted in 2005 with starring in a short film.
12.Jong Suk Gay portrayed in the drama "Secret Garden".
13.Jong Suk filming a drama Secret Garden at the age of 21 years.
14.Nama Jong Suk began in the know by many people since starred in the drama "School 2013" with Kim Woo Bin.
15.Jong Suk very close to Kim Woo Bin.
16.Bahkan time filming School 2013, they often do crazy things together.
17.Jong Suk Kim Woo Bin friends with since they were to be a model.
18.Jong Suk ever to be hosted in the music program "SBS Inkigayo".
Suk 19.Jong be hosted along IU and Nicole ex-Kara.
20.Jong Suk had been a model youngest male in Seoul Collection program.
21.Jong Suk can enter school without studying performing arts.
22.Jong Suk hated sports.
23.Ayah Jong Suk tough on Jong Suk.
24.Sejak age of 6 years, Jong Suk were forced to join various activities. Starting from the piano, taekwondo, drawing, until baduk (Korean chess).
25.Jong Suk ever ligament injury at the time of practice taekwondo.
26.Ketika treated, his father had promised not to force Jong Suk learn more.
27.Dalam taekwondo, Jong Suk ever get a black belt.
28.Hingga Jong Suk grew up, he was still scared when she saw her father's room.
29.Jong Suk is not too close to his family (especially his sister).
30.Ketika early dabbling in the entertainment world, both parents Jong Suk strongly support it.
31.Kedua parents even suggested Jong Suk sign draftee after graduating high school.
32.Tapi now they strongly support the decision Jong Suk and very proud of Jong Suk.
33.Jong Suk big fan of actress Lee Na Young.
34.Jong Suk Never beat 21 thousand more participants Konkuk University entrance examinations, and entered into the 2 thousand more accepted.
35.Setelah watching Full House, Jong Suk became Bi Rain fans.
36.Jong Suk Rain had the opportunity to play together in the film "Return to Base".
37.Aktor senior change Jong Suk thought to be an actor Kang Dong Won.
38.Jong Suk was in trainee at SM Entertainment, and Jong Suk will be in debutkan as Idol instead of actors.
39.Jong Suk has appeared in 2NE1 MV titled I Do not Care.
40.Banyak people equate Jong Suk face with Nana Afterschool. Date of birth are the same.
41.Jong Suk did not like going to a night club.
42.Jong Suk rather drink coffee than drinking alkhohol.
43.Jong Suk did not like the smell alkhohol.
44.Kalau already drunk, Jong Suk will sleep with your mouth open.
45.Kalau Jong Suk did not become an actor, Jong Suk will open a coffee cafe.
46.Buat style everyday, Jong Suk prefer a neat and simple.
47.Jong Suk could fly a plane, after a 3-month trainee to become an ambassador for Global Aviation.
48.Jong Suk did not like Variety Show. Because Jong Suk could not start a conversation or tend to be quiet.
49.Waktu school Jong Suk shyness is severe.
50.Gara-because of her shyness, Jong Suk will pick through the streets deserted that not many of the passing street crowded.
51.Jong Suk will feel nervous when ordering food restaurant waiters waiting for him.
52.Jong Suk been criticized sunbaenya. It was so made an impression on her heart.
53.Kebiasaan Jong Suk before starting the interview is to laugh.
54.Jong Suk loved watching Korean dramas to finish.
55.Jong Suk is the type of person that is not easy to relate socially with others.
56.Seleb familiar with Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, SNSD Hyoyeon, Ahn Jae Hyun, Kwanghe ZE: A, and Krystal f (x).
57.Jong Suk is a smoker.
58.Bahkan Lee Bo Young should be cautioned Jong Suk to not smoke for 8 hours before they do kissing scenes in the drama "I Can Hear Your Voice".
59.Lee Bo Young considers Jong Suk as a younger brother (Lee Bo Young himself was married).
60.Jong Suk like drinking ice latte.
61.Jong Suk like to eat walnut cakes.
62.Jong Suk had tried tanning (turns the skin became darker) to look manly but failed, the skin begins to turn red.
63.Jong Suk was reportedly hit by swine flu in February, 2014.
64.Semenjak into Male Lead in the Korean drama "Pinocchio", the name of Jong Suk increasingly account.
65.Jong Suk Park Shin Hye acting admire.
66.Banyak Korean fans who say that Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye is not suitable to be a partner in the real world.
67.Setelah starred Pinocchio, weight Jong Suk increases.
68.Jong Suk been rumored courtship by Suzy Miss A. But when prompted, mala Jong Suk told not know and have never met with Suzy.
69.Setelah arrange a meeting with Suzy via CF BBQ, Jong Suk said that Suzy beautiful.
70.Jong Suk also been in rumorkan courtship with actress Jung So Min.
71.Goo Hara KARA wanted to acting with Jong Suk.
72.Jong Suk very friendly to his fans, even when fanmeeting. Jong Suk always asking "where are you from", "hop on anything here", "here at what time," "have eaten what is not", "do not forget to eat".
73.Jong Suk like to walk abroad.
74.Jong Suk is the type of person who is very rational and objective.
75.Jong Suk liked the items that are red.
76.Jong Suk promised that if one day he had a girlfriend, Jong Suk will be open to the public.
77.Kata Jong Suk, he is more suitable role in the drama genre Romantic-Comedy of the drama genre Action.
78.Jong Suk admitted that the body is very thin in comparison with Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho.
79.Jong Suk want to have a body that is masculine and strong.
80.Sejak november 2013, Jong Suk helped the blind as an ambassador for "Good Library Project".
81.Untuk first time Jong Suk acted as doctor in the drama "Doctor Stranger"
82.Saat drama Doctor Stranger, many fans are jealous of the chemistry between Jong Suk with co-star, Jin Se Yeon.
83.Fans also many agree that Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon suitable to be lovers in the real world.
84.Jin Se Yeon Jong Suk regarded as a brother.
85.Jong Suk had been a guest star on the show variety show "Running Man" Episode 138 and 181 episodes.
86.Meskipun smoke, but Jong Suk very white skin, smooth, and clean.
87.Sebenarnya Jong Suk sounds very nice to fill the OST. A drama, but because Jong Suk was very shy, he often loses tone before singing.
88.Jong Suk really like sleep, even he prefers to sleep than to eat.
89.Saat nervous, body Jong Suk immediately sweating and blushing.
90.Kata Jong Suk, he was just shy in front of people and not in front of the camera.
91.Saat Kim Woo Bin asked to choose between Jong Suk and Go Nam Sun, Woo Bin chose Jong Suk.
92.Jong Suk skinship often do when talking to people in unfamiliarity or people close to him (like holding hands).
93.Kim Woo Bin is that most people hate it when Jong Suk had already done that to him.
94.Meskipun Jong Suk including actors on board, but the agency did not treat it special to him. His agency treats all actors and actresses alike.
95.Jong Suk does not have a passion or hobby besides acting.
96.Ketika in wondering "when are you going to be happy?" Jong Suk replied "when I go home and watch my favorite drama".
97.Kalau talk, Jong Suk rarely lie. As much as possible he will tell the truth.
98.Jong Suk likes to say things that are very spontaneous and surprising.
99.Kalau in asked about his ideal woman, Jong Suk said that like a smart woman than a beautiful woman.
100.Kutipan pull of Jong Suk "I'd need a friend, of the lover".

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Lee Jong-suk Complete Fact 2016
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